The Star Trek universe dimmed a bit in February when Leonard Nimoy who played the iconic character Spock, a hybrid human/Vulcan science officer in the original 1960s series, passed away at age 83. That was followed by the death of Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand in the original series) on May 1.

But as Jonathan Frakes’ (Commander William T Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation) recent appearance at FanExpo Regina in late April demonstrated, the dream/fantasy that the series and related movies inspired remains very much alive.

Tonight at the RPL Theatre there’s a free screening at 7 p.m. of the documentary Trekkies that examines the whole Star Trek phenomenon. It’s hosted by actor Denise Crosby who played Security Chief Tasha Yar on ST:NG. Here’s the trailer

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. I had a great time meeting Jonathan Frakes at the Expo and getting a picture signed autograph. Rather than shake hands, he preferred the fist bump.

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