Transactions Promo ShotTrans-Actions is being presented by the Regina theatre company Curtain Razors in partnership with the First Nations University of Canada and the Conservatory of Performing Arts. It features the participation of the Collective Performance Storytelling Ensemble which includes Jesse Archibald-Barber, Sophie Bouffard, Dominic Gregorio, Erroll Kinistino, Ayesha Mohsin, Mohammad Saadoun, Janine Windolph and Michele Sereda. They’ll be performing under the direction of Dr. Larbi Sadiki, who teaches International Studies at the University of Qatar.

The international angle is important because the multi-disciplinary performance will weave together stories from difficult locales — Saskatchewan, Damascus, Syria, and Pakistan, to name three — to offer a broad and poignant look at the struggles of oppressed people around the world and their yearning to be free.

Trans-Actions is being held at the First Nations University Glass Tipi. There’s performances tonight at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. The former is by donation, while for the latter tickets are $10. More info can be had by visiting the Curtain Razors website.