Yes, yes, this is from last night but I just noticed it now. From CBC:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford called police after a crew from CBC’s satirical show This Hour Has 22 Minutes showed up unexpectedly outside his house to interview him.

“I came out of my house and I was ambushed,” Ford said.

Actress Mary Walsh, playing the character of journalist Marg Delahunty, was trying to interview Ford for a regular segment on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, in which Delahunty approaches politicians for surprise comedic interviews. Scores of Canadian politicians, including former Ontario premier Mike Harris, Quebec Premier Jean Charest and former prime minister Jean Chrétien, have been subjected to Walsh’s surprise approach. Most try to endure the questions in Walsh’s mock interviews with good humour.

But Ford was not laughing after Walsh’s visit.

So that happened. Also, I don’t want to hear any apologists sticking up for Rob “ban the bikes, close the libraries” Ford.  Mary Walsh has been ambushing politicians for what, two decades? This is the first time one’s been ignorant enough to call 911. There’s just something wrong with Rob Ford.