If you want to read my write-up for the six best T.V. premiers of this season, you’ll have to pick up an ink-and-dead-tree copy of the prairie dog, since our Top 6s are print-only.

This is just a quick update on the status of my newly-beloved shows. See, when I wrote my list a few weeks back, I purposefully wrote about new T.V. shows that hadn’t yet been cancelled. (Which precluded the inclusion of Free Agents, a show that I found so so charming and only had four episodes air.) I was lucky that none of that changed by the time it went to print, at least officially.

A quick rundown of where we now stand:

– ABC’s Suburgatory and NBC’s Up All Night both seem like good contenders for second season pick-ups, even if the latter is getting bumped around in the network’s mid-season shuffle. Fox’s New Girl also had some scheduling issues, getting pushed back thanks to baseball, but will still probably be around this time next year.

– ABC’s fun show with a delightful French woman named Collette, Pan Am, will probably end after its current run of 14 episodes. Boo. Same goes for NBC’s Prime Suspect, a great procedural. I’m honestly baffled by why this one didn’t catch. I guess it couldn’t compete with the near-dead air that CBS puts out and calls cop shows.

– Showtime’s Homeland, one of the best T.V. shows that you should be watching right now, is already picked up for a second season. Damn straight. (That’s Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin in character above. I imagine Patinkin was probably wearing that same expression when he got news of Homeland‘s second season. I think he always has that expression on.)

If you wanna torture yourself with all the numbers for these shows — and the inevitability of Fringe getting cancelled — hop on over to TV by the Numbers.