You may have already heard that we’re busting into the podcasting game if you follow the Dog Blog. That’s right – we’re breaking down the doors, drinking the milk, and rearranging the furniture in the House of Podcasting. One thing that we still need, though, is a name for the thing. I’ve got a few avenues we could potentially explore.

1 ONE OF THE SUGGESTIONS ALREADY FLOATING AROUND We’re officially approaching episode one in Paul Dechene’s podcast chronology, but plenty of work has already been done in the naming department over in the comment section for episode zero. “Dog Pod” and “Prairie Pod” both had a bit of traction, it seems.

2 THE SASKATCHEWAN ADVANTAGE OK, it might not have legs even a month from now, but I’m still a little partial to it.

3 THE PRAIRIE DOG HOUSE Maybe? Just maybe? I’m trying to work with the whole “dog” thing, even though most of what I’m coming up with – “Can I do something with those dogs playing poker paintings?” – ignores the fact that prairie dogs aren’t actual dogs. And that kind of naming mistake could haunt us forever.

4 THE QUEEN CITY CAST I just checked, and no one else has claimed it. If the prairie dog’s podcast wants to claim some definitiveness for the whole of Regina, this might be the way to do. Unless we go with …

5 REGINA MUNICIPAL POLITICS MADE SEXY Or RMPMS for short. Pronounced “rumpus.” The Rumpuscast!

6 WELL, YOU COULD SUGGEST SOMETHING TOO Seriously, if the above doesn’t show it, lemme tell you, I’m running on fumes with this naming thing. My creative high point in nomenclature was when I thought I would one day be in a band called Area 51 back in Grade Four. Whatever you’ve got that you think isn’t already being used somewhere – rule out “Savage Love” or “This American Life” – drop it in the comments and it might just become the name of the prairie dog‘s podcast.