The Regina Public Library Theatre will bid a teary goodbye to film this evening. They’re getting a new digital projection system, so it’s the last time they’ll run the old 35mm projectors. To celebrate – and give a proper send-off to the format on which cinema was born – programmer Belinda New has brought in a 35mm print of the 1962 French New Wave classic Jules and Jim by François Truffault.

This is a watershed moment in the history of cinema; we’re losing a 118 year-old medium and replacing it with a format that seems to change every five years. The good news is that the RPL will be getting a new digital projection system soon, which will make it easier for them to program new independent releases, and not have to run films off DVD or Blu-ray (which, for the most part, is how they’ve been tiding themselves over the past year or so). Regina is lucky to have the RPL Theatre, and this investment will ensure years of great movie watching to come. It’ll be an emotional evening, but if you’re a fan of cinema, it’s one you won’t want to miss.