In keeping with my suggestion in the latest Sound Check column, do check out German avant-garde post-rock outfit Jealousy Mountain Duo tonight at The Club. Not-to-miss!

  • TERRASCOPE UK: De-constructing jazz and post-rock with avante garde intent, German band Jealousy Mountain Duo create complex yet very listenable music on their second album “No 02”, (no prizes for guessing what the first one was called). Overloading on percussion and featuring some inventive guitar lines “Home of Easy Credit” sets out their stall early, with “leaf Kickers” layering some Beefheart style riffs over the top of the rattling drums. Keeping to this sonic equation throughout , even on the slower vibe of “Ubertriebene Harte” gives the album great cohesiveness, something that suits the music, giving the listener to become totally absorbed, although the appearance of some very fluid and Doorsian guitar lines on “Latino Heaven” are very welcome. Finally “Don’t Ask Me About Dresden” rounds of a rich and engaging album with a final flourish and a more sombre tone. — Simon Lewis