R.I.P. Agnes Torres Sulca

It can be a tough world out there, tougher still for transgender and gender-variant folks who regularly face discrimination and violence. This is why International Transgender Day of Remembrance was started 14 years ago, lest we forget that our cis-normative culture can be dangerous, even deadly, and that’s not even factoring in compounding barriers related to race and class. The Huffington Post is marking the date with an article featuring 50 Transgender Icons. Check out the Avenue Community Centre and OneSong Transgender Support Services for local support services.

UPDATE: Interesting perspective about ITDR from a trans person over on xojane.com:

I remember our dead today, but I remember our dead every day, because our dead do not go away for the rest of the year. Nor does the hatred, discrimination, and fear which surrounds our community. At the same time I value TDOR, I also worry that it gets used as an excuse to pay lip service to the very real and urgent issues in the trans community, allowing cis people to check a box and move on with their lives when we need their help year round, not just on this one day a year.