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Candlelight vigils and images of red umbrellas are popping up all over the world today, The International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. There are three Canadian events marking the event that I know of and a full list of International activities can be found here. Nothing happening in Sask, unfortunately. So light a candle and donate to one of the sex workers’ rights organizations below (this list is from the Ottawa event):


Families Of Sisters In Spirit

Chez Stella (Montreal)

Maggies (Toronto)

┬áDon’t Need Saving Aboriginal Women and Access to Justice

Sex Worker’s Rights A Public Service Announcement From FIRST

Sisters (and Brothers) Doing It For Themselves Report from Kolkata, by Robyn Maynard

Last Rescue in Siam

How to be an ally to Sex Workers

‘Hey Baby, How Much?’ Stop blaming sex workers for street harassment by Juliet November

Sex Work, Migration and Anti-Trafficking Interviews with Nandita Sharma and Jessica Yee