Right-wing pundit Ezra Levant used his Sun News tree-killer to bash the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for an anti-Christian bias in its coverage of last week`s terror attacks in Norway.

The problem is though, is that the CBC is guilty of nothing more than Journalism 101: they covered the story and repeated what the investigating authorities said at the time. It was the the deputy chief of the Norwegian police who called him a Christian fundamentalist. (Reuters)

“At Utoeya, the water is still being searched for more victims,” he said.

He declined to comment on the possible motive for the killings, but said: “We have no more information than … what has been found on (his) own websites, which is that is goes toward the right (wing) and that it is, so to speak, Christian fundamentalist.”

So, accurate journalism is one of the things Levant is campaigning against, apparently.

Then again, who reads Sun Media for the journalism, apart from the sports section — and since Perry Lefko left for Sportsnet, that avenue is also getting thin.

Good God, could Ezra Levant and Co. even cover a nude midget stripper with a king-size duvet, much less a news story?

(EDIT: there’s some at the dog who say readers may think I’m an insensitive dolt for the use of a term that today is seen as a politically incorrect insult against little people. That’s understandable and I will forthwith promise to use a more acceptable term in one of my favorite expressions in the future. Even though I think I’m an insensitive dolt at times …)