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Weyburn’s Walmart workers have voted to decertify:

The Weyburn decertification drive was the latest chapter in the fight between Wal-Mart and the union that’s been going on for nine years. Wal-Mart has long resisted unionization at its North American stores, and the Weyburn store is the only unionized Wal-Mart in Canada. Two other Canadian Wal-Marts have been certified in the past: the store at St. Hyacinthe, Que., and a store at Jonquière, Que. However, employees at the Hyacinthe outlet later voted to decertify, and Wal-Mart closed the Jonquière store.

The Pamela Wallin case gets uglier and uglier:

Taxpayers footed the bill for Sen. Pamela Wallin to attend meetings about buying a business and a new book project, as well as with someone from the New York City Ballet — and she may yet be ordered to pay them back. But it will likely be a while before the Senate’s finance committee has a clear picture of just how much of Wallin’s nearly $21,000 in additional travel expenses flagged in a damning independent audit ought to be reimbursed.

Rob Ford surrounds himself with interesting people:

Lisi’s criminal record includes convictions for threatening death to one woman, and assault and threatening bodily harm to a second woman. He entered into a peace bond with a third woman who accused him of assault and threatening death. He also has been charged three times with drug possession. Only one of those charges led to a conviction, for which he was given an absolute discharge. Lisi has told three associates interviewed by the Star that he is a supplier of drugs to Ford. The Star has been unable to verify Lisi’s claims, and Ford has not responded to questions about this sent by the Star on Monday.

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Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Today In Conservative Canada”

  1. I’m mixed with both shame & yet sympathy for Wallin.
    Does Toronto Star seriously expect for Mayor Ford to answer back to them? Don’t think so.

    I’m happy the Weyburn Walmart workers exercised their right in voting to decertify the cockroach union called the UFCW.

    A few years ago, I saw this documentary produced by ZOOT pictures a couple times on Global TV. Weyburn garnered unwanted attention by 2 big foes battling one another. Walmart vs UFCW.

    Now it’s over and that’s a good thing.

    When you have a giant international retailer with thousands of locations and millions of workers, that makes them a big target for anything.
    Do I defend Walmart’s employment controveries and problem business practices as linked below? No.

    Having unions organize in Walmart (aka we’ll take over your workers and own you bitch!) is not the practical answer.
    Public pressure and costly lawsuits affecting their $ bottom line are the only ways to force real change to Walmart.

  2. The leftist rags sure do love to beat on Wallin and Duffy. Where’s the column space dedicated to Mac Harb? He stole more than both Wallin and Duffy combined, is completely unrepentant about it, and to pay back the small fraction of what is owed (under protest) borrowed the money from a private company that does millions of dollars in business with the government. But he’s not a Conservative, so I guess all that stuff is no big deal, right?

  3. Here’s the difference: Harb’s expense abuses were purely for his own benefit. A common criminal, if you will. Wallin and Duffy abused their expense allowances partly out of plain old everyday venality, but also as partisans, claiming Conservative fundraisers as “Senate business.”
    Harb took advantage of the system, Wallin and Duffy perverted it.

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