I spotted you maybe half an hour ago. I’m pretty sure you were a Darth Maul, judging by what I saw of your face and your double-bladed lightsaber, but, also like Darth Maul, you were a cloaked figure of mystery so you could be another Sith I’m not familiar with.

I didn’t have my camera so I’ve got no photographic evidence of your existence. I thought of running home and grabbing it. I also though of grabbing my own blue lightsaber, but I’m no Qui-Gon and I’m no Obi-Wan either. Plus, the odds are good that you, being the person walking around downtown Regina dressed as a Sith, are much more skilled with a lighsaber than I.

After I was done my downtown business, I poked around the plaza and Victoria Park looking to see if you were still around. No dice. I thought about asking the people sitting on benches if they’d seen you, but I couldn’t bring myself to go around saying, “Have you seen a Sith today?”

Anyhow, keep it up, City Centre Sith.