Considering all the changes that have been happening in Canadian agriculture lately, what with the demise of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly on the marketing of grain for export, the possible sale of Viterra to the Swiss conglomerate Glencore, and the likelihood that supply management in the dairy, egg and poultry industry will be on the trading block as the federal government pursues expanded trade agreements with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, this film by Steve Suderman is certainly timely.

To Make a Farm is a documentary where Suderman looks at five young Canadians from non-farming backgrounds who decide to take on the challenge of becoming small-scale farmers. To give you a sense of what the film’s like, here’s a link to a short excerpt.

To Make a Farm screens at the RPL Theatre Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 9 p.m. Along with the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, the RPL will present Suderman as a special guest at the Saturday screening.