I don’t want to slam Wiser’s Canadian Whiskey too much (or jeopardize any corporate love they might be inclined to throw prairie dog’s way now or in the future ), but I find one of their Wiserhood commercials really obnoxious.

For those not familiar with the premise, I think it usually involves a guy pulling the wool over his wife or girlfriend’s eyes in some way, then the camera pans to another spot and there’s a group of men sipping whiskey who have sat observing, then they applaud the guy for the success of his ruse.

The premise itself — I don’t how women feel about it, but to me it’s kind of funny. But there’s one commercial set in an art gallery. I’ll provide a link below, but as a man who personally derrives great satisfaction from viewing, discussing and writing about visual art, I find it insulting and lame — because I am far from being the only Canadian male who enjoys and appreciates art.

Here’s the commercial.