Thursday Night Loaded: Summer’s Coming… No, Seriously, It Is

I just got back from my first ice cream of the not-winter season at Dessart and while it’s still pretty chilly in the evening, and it’s still too early to plant our vegetable garden, and the tree outside the prairie dog office still isn’t showing much in the way of signs of life, that hit of ice cream got me thinking about summer.

Now, last year, I declared the Pimm’s Cup the Official Mixed Drink Of Summer In Regina 2010. And that means I have to come up with an Official Mixed Drink Of Summer In Regina 2011 and I’ve decided I’ll trawl for input from all the sozzled readers of Thursday Night Loaded. Make suggestions in the comments below or email me at pauld{at}

There are a few ground rules, however….

1. No Collinses. (For those who don’t know, a Collins is a spirit — usually gin — mixed with sugar, lemon juice and club soda.) As yummy as they are, they’re too obvious a pick.
2. Please, not the Mojito. Again: yummy. But too fucking trendy.
3. Same goes for the Sangria.
4. And any variation on the Caesar.
5. All ingredients have to be available in Regina.
6. Extra points for coming up with something really strange or exotic.

I’ll announce this year’s summer drink sometime in June, probably just before Canada Day, so if nothing is immediately popping into your head you’ve got a little over a month to do research and test out recipes. I recommend testing out many recipes as often as humanly possible. That’s the only way you’ll know for certain you’ve got something truly worthy of being the Official Mixed Drink Of Summer In Regina 2011.

To wrap up, here’s a Tiki cocktail to plant the seeds of summertime in your hearts (and livers)….

Mai Tai
1 oz light rum
1 oz gold rum
1/2 oz orange curaçao
1/2 oz orgeat (a type of almond syrup)
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
Shake well with ice. Pour into an old-fashioned glass. Top up with ice. Float 1 oz of dark rum on top of drink. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and cherry.

This is one of those drinks that gets made many different ways but this recipe is the original, as created by Trader Vic. Unfortunately, the Mai Tai is disqualified from Summer Drink 2011 contention because you can’t buy orange curaçao in Saskatchewan.

If you do try to make this anyway, don’t swap blue curaçao for the orange. The flavour might be close, but the colour you’ll end up with will be putrescent. Better off to go with a triple sec. It’s an imperfect substitute, but honestly, you probably won’t taste the difference.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Loaded: Summer’s Coming… No, Seriously, It Is”

  1. My pick is the Cuba Libre! Rum, cola, lime.

    I went to Cuba this year for the first time (backpacked! No resorts!) and fully enjoyed their rum. Most people that we met preferred to drink their rum straight, sometimes right out of the bottle. Of course, we’d met some young guys so obviously they were showing off at least some of the time :) When they did put cola in their rum, it was just a splash. Also, we never had ice.

    Missing Cuba, the other day I bought a bottle of Havana Club. In the Cuban tradition, I poured a splash on my deck for good luck! At that point I declared *my* summer drink the Cuba Libre, so I figure you guys might too.

    I found this recipe online, which is quite a bit fancier than what I had when we mixed our own drinks in Cuba.

    3 ounces cola
    Lime wedge
    1 ounce rum
    Rub the rim of a highball glass with lime. Fill with ice. Add rum and fill with cola. Drop in the lime squeeze.

    I think if I were to make it, though, I’d do more like 3oz of cola, 2oz of rum, and 2 or 3 lime wedges. A stronger Cuba Libre :)

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