In mid-January I did a blog post about an art event/party called Lugo that has taken Saskatoon by storm, and mused about the benefits of a similar event springing up here. In the comment section, someone suggested that Regina already had a comparable event in the form of Thursday Night Live at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

There are some parallels, although the scale of TNL is typically much smaller than Lugo.  If you find the idea intriguing, you can drop by the MacKenzie on March 15 and see what it’s like for yourself. Featured will be a performance by New Dance Horizons that is inspired byEdward Poitras’ 13 Coyotes exhibition (that’s one of the pieces above).

According to NDH, The Horse Piece features local and national dance artists, including Robin Poitras, Davida Monk, Yvonne Chartrand, Johanna Bundon, Caitlin Coflin, Becky Sawdon, Sarah Roche, Krista Solheim and Gary Varro.

TNL starts at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are $7 for MAG members,  and $10 non-members.