Thoughts On The Cathedral Mayoral Forum

That was a pretty poor turn-out for last night’s mayoral forum, Regina. The Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre was barely half full. I get that the race for the mayor’s seat looks to be pretty much a foregone conclusion, but there are more reasons to attend a candidate forum than just checking out the horses and seeing which one you want to bet on.

Council agendas are highly regimented and you stray from them on pain of stern warning from the chair. A mayoral forum is your chance to set the agenda and make the mayor talk about issues that maybe haven’t crossed the council floor in a while.

And sometimes they’re fun. Last night wasn’t fun. Not exactly. But it did happen. And I was there. And the wifi in the Neighbourhood Centre is crap so I didn’t even try to live tweet. Instead, I came home and fired off a short twitter essay on the event. This is it.

More thoughts on the 2016 City Election are coming. In fact, Whitworth has me writing a thing for the next Prairie Dog. I will try to keep the number of “Oh, for fuck’s sakes” to a minimum.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Cathedral Mayoral Forum”

  1. Curious to know what the current minimum of “O,ffs” is at the moment. Has it been at this level for awhile, is there an upward or downward trend, or has it drastically peaked lately?

  2. Thanks for the thoughts on last night’s forum. And thanks for setting up the chairs. I was surprised that more did not attend. I hope that your assessment around the outcome isn’t going to happen and that there will be a change at the top. And thanks for spelling my name right.

  3. It’s weird that Regina mayoral has been non-competitive for the past 20 years, but oh well, it mirrors the trend provincially over the past 10 years, and for the next 10. The progressive and material needs of the liberal-left elite are more than being met – why would i jeopardize a system in which i am afford an Audi? – therefore participation in the system or opposition to prevailing status quo is, as someone once pointed out, is “socially useless”.

    On one hand, it may even appear that the liberal elite is getting what they want most out of a free-market dominated government: lower taxes, more goods and services, while only intervening when social freedoms are up for stake. I mean, tell me how any of this benefits the single mom of three shopping for canned groceries at the Giant Tiger, but there you have it.

    Everyone just wants to maximize their own self-indulgence; sitting at a candidates forum at the Neighbourhood Centre doesn’t really play into that.

  4. I’d love to see somebody saw: “In the Municipality of Regina, we will impose a 1% tax on real estate transactions over $300,000, a 3% tax on luxury import models, and a 5% tax on winter all-inclusives to help subsidize daycare, housing, and fresh grocery delivery to all low-income households (that meet threshold TBD).”

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