That was a pretty poor turn-out for last night’s mayoral forum, Regina. The Cathedral Neighbourhood¬†Centre was barely half full. I get that the race for the mayor’s seat looks to be pretty much a foregone conclusion, but there are more reasons to attend a candidate forum than just checking out the horses and seeing which one you want to bet on.

Council agendas are highly regimented and you stray from them on pain of stern warning from the chair. A mayoral forum is your chance to set the agenda and make the mayor talk about issues that maybe haven’t crossed the council floor in a while.

And sometimes they’re fun. Last night wasn’t fun. Not exactly. But it did happen. And I was there. And the wifi in the Neighbourhood Centre is crap so I didn’t even try to live tweet. Instead, I came home and fired off a short twitter essay on the event. This is it.

More thoughts on the 2016 City Election are coming. In fact, Whitworth has me writing a thing for the next Prairie Dog. I will try to keep the number of “Oh, for fuck’s sakes”¬†to a minimum.