I cracked the Leader Post this morning to read the Monday morning city hall column and found that it was just a list of issues that are facing the city in the near future — from infrastructure to the stadium — with quick blurbs outlining the key issues on each. Seriously, blurbs? This is like prairie dog writing. Like when I pitch seven city stories to Whitworth and he says, “Yeah, do that. And you have 500 words.” Or when I have nothing to pitch and Steve’s like, “But we have a news hole! Fill it with blurbs! The spackle of journalism!”*

So, obviously, not what I’m used to from a Joe Couture column. It seemed to have a strange tone of finality to it. And the headline, “Lots of issues at city hall” was also a tad, shall we say…. perfunctory?

And then I read the last line and it all made sense,

This is Joe Couture’s last column about city hall. He will now be reporting on the provincial legislature for The StarPhoenix and the Leader-Post.

What the hell, Joe? You can’t leave the city beat now! There’s too much going on!** Regina needs coverage!

So that’s it. The mighty Couture is moving up the political food chain. I’m sad to see him go. Whose coverage am I going to crib from when I’ve nodded off in a council meeting?***

You know, when people have said to me that the Mainstream Media never covers local politics (which happens more often than you’d think and it’s a statement that really irritates me), I’ve pointed them to Joe’s column and his weekly city hall coverage to show how they’re frickin’ wrong.

That Monday column of his was essential reading, in my opinion. And I don’t think it’s even a year old.

Anyway. Congratulations, Mr Couture, Ledge Reporter. And see if, with your new found province-spanning fame, you can convince your bosses to get you a better head shot. I swear yours is almost as bad as Murray Mandryk’s.****

As for city hall this week… not much to report…. (footnotes and city hall coverage after the jump)….

Wednesday, October 26
REGINA PLANNING COMMISSION (4 pm): Someone wants to open a fish and chips restaurant in a vacant unit within a strip mall at 365 Broad Street. Administration says they should go for it. I think so too. Fish, even fried in batter, is good for the brain. Here’s hoping RPC and council agree. If they don’t, I’d recommend they eat more fish.

Also on the agenda, a request to close part of the roadway within the lands devoted to intermodal facility to allow for development in there.

And that’s it. If you want to read more about what’s going on at city hall, don’t ask Joe, he’s broken free of that shit. Go to the city’s website for full agendas and reports.

* To be fair, that’s not a quote and this only happened once.
** Actually, no, there isn’t. I’ve said it before, things seem too damned quiet downtown.
*** I mean, I can’t lift everything wholesale from Book’s coverage. Can I?
**** I kid.