Last night was my first time back at city council since August of 2014. And it ended up being a FIVE HOUR LONG meeting. I didn’t get home until nearly 11pm.

I swear Fougere planned it this way just to get me back for escaping to the beach for a year.

Despite my rusty twittering skills, I did manage to live tweet throughout the meeting. To catch up anyone who couldn’t be there or couldn’t watch from home, I’ve compiled everything I typed — along with a selection of the twitter chatter from others — into one honking huge storify. Ta da! Check out this happy dude…

If for some reason you don’t like clicking through the gallery above, you can jump to the long form page here.

I usually live tweet any city meeting I go to through @PDCityHall. More general nonsense comes out of @PaulDechene.