This Week At City Hall: Traffic Bylaw Changes, Outdoor Fire Ticketing, Arts Funding

That’s a pic of city hall from Saturday. As you can see, the Farmers Market has moved to its temporary home in the plaza out front. Have to say, I like the new location. The booths don’t feel so cramped and it’s nice to have that park space to wander around in.

Tuesday, May 18
PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE (4 pm): Considering some pretty big changes to our traffic bylaws to accomodate the City Square Project (aka, the WOW project). These include changing 11th and 12th Avenues and Lorne and Cornwall to two-way streets; modifying bus lanes on 11th, 12th, Albert and Broad; changing the speed limit in the plaza area on 12th Avenue; and to establish some new bike-only lanes.

Wednesday, May 19
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (11:45 am): Michael Quennell will presenting the results of the Understanding the Early Years Regina report which finds that kids in the city are lagging behind other cities in the country in early development. His group will be releasing a community action plan in June. The committee will also be considering a recommendation to establish a Municipal Wards Commission that will review the city’s current ward boundaries.

COMMUNITY AND PROTECTIVE SERVICES (4 pm): Considering an amendment to the Regina Fire Bylaw that will outlines how people will get ticketed when they break the rules concerning outdoor fires. Also looking at a report on what the city should do once it’s paratransit contract runs out with our current paratransit provider, First Canada ULC, in 2011. Staff are saying the city doesn’t have the ability to provide paratransit service on its own and is therefore recommending the city start looking for proposals from private contractors.

Thursday, May 20
ARTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE (5:30 pm): Looking at this year’s recipients of civic arts funding. Big winners include the Mackenzie Art Gallery ($287,000), the Globe Theatre ($120.000), the Regina Symphony Orchestra ($110,000), and New Dance Horizons ($51,000). Total arts funding for 2010 comes in at $808,040.

As always, you can download full reports and agendas at the city’s website.

Author: Paul Dechene

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  1. ok, maybe not exactly about bike lanes, but for people who don’t cycle-commute

    Why don’t you ride to university/the city/to work at the moment?

    * what are frick are you talking about? i ride everywhere.
    * i’m too pretty/handsome to get that sweaty in the morning
    * worried about safety and bike lanes don’t make me feel any safer
    * no chance, lycra chafes my ….
    * why would i ride when i sit in the air-conditioned comfort of my Hummer?

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