This Week (And Last) At City Hall: Renovations! Guns! Encroachers!

Whoops. Kind of missed last week’s TWACH. So to make it up to you, I’m posting a double dose of city hall happenings.

Tuesday, March 1
FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE (4 pm): Looking at a recommendation to expand the renovation of the second floor of city hall. The revised reno work will include moving the server room to the basement at a cost of $625,000. Also looking at some changes to accounting practices with the Fleet Replacement Reserve.

Wednesday, March 2
REGINA PLANNING COMMISSION (4 pm): Considering a zoning change to some land just to the south of the Italian Club at 2148 Connaught St. Seems the city is going to sell that parcel of land to the club so that they can develop it as an outdoor recreation space. (Currently, it’s zoned as a floodway and hence the need for rezoning.) Personally, I like the idea. The Italian Club has already been using that land for outdoor events and whatnot, and by putting up the fence they’re proposing, it’ll keep kids contained and away from the street. Plus they’re thinking about adding a playstructure. I’m also really hoping we’ll see Bocce Ball pitch. Because Regina needs more Bocce.

and as for what I missed last week…

Wednesday, February 23
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (11:45 am): The committee approved some changes to the discharge of firearms bylaw. In the past, to fire a gun or shoot a longbow anywhere within the city limits, you had to apply to the chief of police for a permit. The bylaw changes exec committee approved change that so that certain groups and individuals are exempt from having to get a permit. The lucky, gun-toting exemptees are pest control officers; peace officers, Conservation Officers or a member of the military; employees of the airport who are dispatching an wildlife unlucky enough to wander onto airport property; gun or archery club members who’re shooting at targets while on club property; someone firing off a blank to start a race; an actor firing blanks as part of a movie or play; and, anyone else that council decides to apply this exemption to.

COMMUNITY AND PROTECTIVE SERVICES COMMITTEE (4 pm): Passed a proposal to clarify the bylaws around encroachments on public parks and green spaces. Turns out, all over the city people are quietly using city property for their own purposes — things like, parking a vehicle, planting a garden, or as a place to put up a shed. The city wants to start cracking down on such behaviour. Sounds like they’ll be pretty even handed in the cracking down. Lots of talk of discussing the situation with offending property owners and working out ways that are mutually beneficial. If you’re curious to know where encroachments have been identified, for lack of a pic of city hall, I’ve attached the map up at the top of this post.

And that’s it. If want to look at full agendas or reports, you can find them on the city’s website.

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7 thoughts on “This Week (And Last) At City Hall: Renovations! Guns! Encroachers!”

  1. I have an encroachment on city property I’d like to report: A lot of vehicles seem to think it is acceptable to park on the sidewalks, partially or even fully blocking them. Not only does it prevent pedestrians and wheelchairs from moving about freely, but it also breaks down the curb edges and leads to unnecessary costs for repair and replacement.

  2. Hoo boy, do I hear you on that one.

    For instance, on the south side of 15th, in front of that white building that used to be a shop but is now just an i-don’t-know-what-the-fuck, there was a jeep parked up on the sidewalk. Thing is, the owners of the white building hadn’t shoveled at all since the snows hit so there’s just a narrow little trench that people had beaten down with their feet. And then along comes this fucking jeep and it plants a tire right in the middle of that. And then sits there for a couple weeks. So to get around it you either had to walk out in the street or trudge through a snow drift. The jackass.

  3. Nothing about the City Council meeting tonight? They are dealing with the redevelopment of the Regent Park School site… should be interesting.

  4. No. Because I’m dumb. Forgetting that it is still February I checked the list of meetings for March.

    So, I haven’t even read the agenda for tonight’s council meeting. I do that and write a follow up TWACH.

  5. Wait a second. Did you say the redevelopment of the Regent Park School site? Christ. If that’s on the agenda (I’m downloading it as I type) that means there’s going to be an additional 100-200 pages worth of community submissions. (Which would explain why the pdf is still downloading.) I so don’t want to read this.

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