The write-up for the new Lonesome Weekends EP — named Home Recordings Collection, Vol. 1: Lonesome Beginnings: Songs For Lonesome Weekends Demos, for clarity’s sake, presumably — mentions that these recordings are lo-fi. That’s relative. The Regina band, consisting of members past and present of bands like Rah Rah, the Lazy MKs, Thee Hoolies, and many others, recorded their debut, Songs for Lonesome Weekends, with Robb Morrison, which was then mixed and mastered by Orion Paradis, a couple of guys who know how to make a record sound good.

But still, the songwriting core of the Weekends — Devon Floyd, Christopher Sleightholm and Marshall Burns — have some home recording chops of their own. This release is case in point. Everything on this EP is a different version of tracks off Songs for Lonesome Weekends before they got the full band treatment. Interesting in contrast, good on their own, highly recommended.

Best of all, they’re literally giving it away on their Bandcamp page. And while you’re already downloading a free EP, banjo luminary Old Man Luedecke’s new EP with Lake of Stew is available at whatever price you’d like to put on it.