This Just In: CTV News Likes To Laugh At Famous Lesbians (UPDATED)(AGAIN)(MORE)(And One Last Time, With Feeling)

FINAL UPDATE: APRIL 3, 2011 Editor Stephen Whitworth here. I’m putting up a last note because there’s still twitches of activity around this topic, both in the follow-up post and in my e-mail inbox. Since this topic matters a lot, I’m leaving this post in place until the end of time (or at least this website). But I want to add some context and address the two issues, one big, one small, that make this blog post matter.

If you haven’t read the post yet, go do that so you’ll know what the hell I’m talking about. It starts after the jump.

(Whistles and waits)

Done? Okay.

First, the big issue: it’s important to understand the reason that people — like this post’s author, Aidan — react strongly and adversely to an arguably awful, definitely ill-considered but almost certainly not maliciously-intended semi-joke about k.d. lang’s appearance. The reason, in a nutshell, is it’s salt on a raw wound.

There has been spectacular progress in LGBT rights in Canada in the last decade and it’s worth celebrating–but even so, this is a country that has treated gays and lesbians shabbily for most of its history (Canada is of course not unique in that). Some examples: marriage between same-sex couples has only been legal nationally since 2005. Pride Week proclamations are taken for granted now but even 10 years ago they were highly controversial and often denied. Homophobic beliefs are still considered legitimate by members of this very community. I don’t go to any churches but I’ll bet a nickel there’s still more-than-occasional condemnations of homosexuality in more than a few congregations  out there (and as always, credit to those churches, mosques, synagogues and other faith organizations that are welcoming and enlightened).

The federal government that just dissolved also seemed very homophobic — full of politicians (more than a few from Saskatchewan, sadly) who have spent careers condemning same-sex rights. Off the top of my head, incidents like the federal immigration minister removing GLBT references from Canada’s citizenship guide (which was only recently somewhat reversed), and Pride parades and events having their funding whacked, are examples of a robust homophobic culture within the Conservative party.

In part because of stuff like this, gay and lesbian Canadians still face violence, hatred and bullying. I have a friend who was verbally assaulted and physically threatened within the last couple of weeks. It’s not nice out there sometimes.

In this context, when a lesbian icon like the amazing k.d. lang is (again, almost certainly not maliciously) said to look like Charlie Sheen, an apparent lunatic, people with sensitivity to GLBT issues are likely to offer blunt, harsh criticism.

That’s what Aidan’s post is about. As our culture becomes less sick, reactions will be mellow and the world will be a better place where we can make fun of all people’s looks again.

Second, the low point of the comment thread following this post was, to me, the enthusiasm some commentators had for complaining to the CRTC about the anchorman and possibly sportscaster’s gaffe. When you’re dealing with media people saying something idiotic — an inevitability, really, as I can attest from experience — the first course of action should be directed to the person who said something disagreeable and maybe, if it’s felt the situation warrants it or the initial contact doesn’t produce an appropriate response, that person’s superiors. Tattling to the CRTC should be reserved for chronic noxious behaviour that persists despite multiple complaints. Don’t jump the gun. Employ proportional response.

That said, I understand why people were upset and wanted to go to the CRTC immediately. But I regret I didn’t jump in to suggest direct engagement with poor Mr. Joehnck early in the comments. Direct communication is always more effective.

In the end, Manfred Joehnck didn’t create this still-homophobic culture. He arguably, unintentionally perpetrated perpetuated it.

You know who I blame? Charlie Sheen. That fucker.

And now back to Aidan’s infamous post.

UPDATE: Manfred Joehnck apologized on Friday’s News At Six broadcast for the remarks made. There is a follow-up post on the dog blog with a link to a video of the apology

Today the Regina Folk Festival announced its lineup, with its usual mix of the well-known and the obscure. And when I say ‘obscure,’ I mean ‘awesome musicians you’ve never heard of who will blow your mind’. Their headline act for 2011 is k.d. lang, who isn’t exactly big news these days but is something of an institution and a great performer.

lang has been making great music since the 1980s. She’s gone from a country novelty to one of Canada’s premiere singers – a part of the canon, if you will. You’d think the days of snickering over lang’s appearance and out-there sexuality would be long behind us.

But if you watched tonight’s CTV news, you’d realize that the last 20 years doesn’t count for much. It doesn’t matter if you’ve clawed your way to the top through sheer determination and talent; if you’re a woman who doesn’t fit with the beauty standards of our age, then you can still be made an object of fun.

I was initially impressed when Manfred Joehnck announced that that lang was headlining the Regina Folk Festival this year, because hey – as far as I’m concerned, local arts coverage is an axiomatic good. But then Joehnck and the sportscaster started to snicker over lang, egging each other on with bits of awkward silence while the other anchors chuckled in what I hope was mortal embarrassment. Finally the sportscaster brought out the joke he’d been itching to spill, which was something on the order of lang looking like Charlie Sheen on a meth bender. (UPDATE: A commenter claims that the wording of the Charlie Sheen comment was more like “Charlie Sheen on a good day”).

Oh, I get it – she looks like a man! Hah! And if we didn’t get it, we were treated to footage of her from the ’80s, when she was rocking the crewcut-and-gingham-blouse look.

k.d. lang: guilty of unfuckability by a sportscaster.

If I wanted to be unprofessional, I could unpeel a few quips about the CTV anchors and slap those down. But I will say that if I were k.d. lang and I caught that bit of improv, I’d wonder why the hell I’d bother playing in a town like Regina. And if I were a gay woman, or any woman who chose not to look like some approximation of Pamela Anderson, I’d wonder why I was watching CTV.

UPDATE: A couple of readers wanted to read a transcript or view a clip before they made up their minds. So I scooted over to, where they carry clips from news broadcasts. Unfortunately, the clip of last night’s News at Six cuts off at the sports section. Looks like I’ll have to get a transcript from the station.

Also, I sent a tweet to @CTVregina expressing my displeasure. Their response: “They weren’t commenting on her looks, rather how old the footage was. We have nothing but respect for KD!” Which I would like to believe, except that I’ve never heard of footage being described as resembling “Charlie Sheen on a meth bender”. That must be some pretty crazy old footage.

I responded to their tweet with appropriate disbelief. So far I haven’t heard back from them.

UPDATIER: One of the commenters who complained to the CRTC has already received a response from Manfred Joehnck. I’m reproducing it here:

Anonymous says: I got an apology after writing into the CRTC? I, personally, didn’t need one with the exception of being completely embarassed for the station, the city and the province. Hopefully there is an apology to those who deserve it…

“Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate your comments and feel you are well within your rights to make them.

My comments were out of line and not well thought out. In no way was I attempting to denigrate KD Lang because of her sexual orientation. I realize now, that is how the comments have been interpreted by many and for that I am sorry.

I can not justify what I said, but I do regret saying it. We will be taking some sort of remedial action.

Sincerely yours,


Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

83 thoughts on “This Just In: CTV News Likes To Laugh At Famous Lesbians (UPDATED)(AGAIN)(MORE)(And One Last Time, With Feeling)”

  1. And, ironically, the lead story on as I type this is, “Are kids today ruder than other generations?”

    After this shameful display, I’m gonna have to go with no.

  2. Disgusting. File a complaint. Perhaps losing their job(s) will make them smarten up (or just become more homophobic.)

  3. Well, that’s the thing. They don’t have freedom of expression, at least not unlimited – CTV is a member of the Canadian Broadcasting Standards council, and as such must adhere to their codes, which includes not making abusive or discriminatory marks. While it remains to be seen whether his remarks count as abusive, they are certainly discriminatory. Joehnck and the sportscasters are free to make homophobic remarks on their own time, but not on air. Yes, they have their right to ‘free speech’, but it’s trumped by our right not to be subjected to such derogatory and wholly unnecessary discourse.

    CSBC code of ethics.

  4. Well, ya know what? She sure is F***able to me….Woohoo.
    She oozes sex appeal and hawwwtness.

    And seriously, it’s a shame that they can’t “act” professionally, whether they’re little minds can or cannot comprehend the fact that she is a proud lesbian who is loved and adored by so many!

  5. If it’s 3:30 in Toronto, and 12:30 in Vancouver, what time is it in Saskatchewan?


    Sometimes I wonder when this province will join the 20th century, let alone the 21st?

    And k.d.lang is a heckuva lot better to watch than CTV, anyday.

  6. Ian – Please see Katie’s response and link to the CBSC Code of Ethics, particularly clauses 2 and 3 on human rights and sex role stereotyping.

    ‘Freedom of expression’ refers to matters of conscience and truth, not giving carte blanche for adults to crack blockheaded jokes over the air. The fact is that we don’t live in a libertarian fantasy world. Instead, we operate in a society, full of pesky other people, and as such, certain remarks are restricted in certain venues. If you want to larf at k.d. lang, go ahead and do it. But broadcasters have a code they are expected to adhere to.

  7. Wow. Way to alienate your non-asshole viewers, CTV.

    And in addition to what’s been said about broadcast standards meaning that no, you can’t say whatever you want on TV–even when someone says something this douchey in a forum where they’re totally entitled to, it doesn’t mean people can’t critique what they say. It sure is funny that the only time that you get people rushing to remind you that the speech you’re critiquing is “totally legal guys!!” is when you’re critiquing bigoted speech.

  8. I have a suggestion.
    Watch Global News. It’s shorter, better, and completely free of demeaning douchebags. They just won a RTNDA award for best newscast in the Prairies! :)

  9. (This post has been slightly edited to conform to the spirit of enlightened discourse and/or entertaining squawking)

    This all falls under the category of ‘no such thing as bad press.’ Just think of all the buzz and ticket sales this story will generate.

    Not that I have much respect for that crew, but it’s a bit of a stretch to call the exchange ‘homophobic’. Yes, they were suggesting she was unattractive, which was a rude and unprofessional thing to say. And they were saying they think she is weird – which is how I took the Charlie Sheen reference.

    But you might be reading too much into it to jump from there to homophobic.

  10. @Lyle – not “reading too much,” just reading differently.

    Without a context of lesbian women being mis- and de-gendered since basically the dawn of time AND women, and especially lesbian women, having their appearances judged as “not feminine enough” to be admirable/worthy/not subject to violence/etc., the CTV guys’ comments are just rude and juvenile. Unfortunately, we ain’t living without that context.

  11. Thanks for the levelheadedness, Lyle. How soon everyone forgets the outrage over the decision to ban the Dire Straits song because of the word “faggot.” Yeah, I know: that was satire and the band didn’t really *mean* to offend. But the point is someone was offended and a complaint was made. Did that person have a right to be offended? Of course. Did the person have a right to force her believes on the rest of us? No.

    Let’s keep in mind that the newscast banter is a poor man’s late night comedy routine. We love Conan despite the fact that he makes Kirstie-Alley-is-fat jokes every other week.

    I’m also a little concerned that Prairie Dog published this without having a transcript or a clip for people to view. It seems like a lot of outrage in the comments section is coming from people who apparently haven’t seen the clip and have only read PD’s interpretation of the event.

    If I’m to believe what PD posted, the what the CTV newscasters said was idiotic and rude. But kd lang does look mannish, and she’s fucking awesome and talented. I don’t evaluate my musicians based on looks (but I can be objective about it), my only judgement is about the music. Obviously, certain CTV broadcasters aren’t as forward thinking.

  12. Didn’t see the newscast in question, but whenever the anchor on that station makes stupid remarks, I just say to the screen: “Have another drink, fella” (I’m with you, Lyle).
    Global is better for local coverage, even though they sometimes act like Fox News.

  13. I, too, would like to withhold judgement until I see a transcript or a clip of this exchange between dirty old ManFred. Anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on one or the other?

    That being said, it does not surprise me they would attempt to poke fun at lang. Every single time I turn it to CTV for that 30-or-so-some-odd seconds before the Daily Show starts, it’s like the crash of fucking metal and a train derailing when they try to come up with witter banter to lead out the last 10 seconds of their ridiculously amateur newscast. I seriously can’t listen to it any more… it’s too painful. I put it on mute.

  14. Editor here–just read Aidan’s post now. (Long week, I’ve had a cold for all of it and I took the morning off.)

    I didn’t see the clip but judging from Aidan’s description, the comments sound rooted in unconscious homophobia and weird narrow-mindedness.

    I like the tornado of honest debate and wrath happening on this blog.

  15. Even better was the bit where they were talking about lang hailing from Consort, Alberta. Joehnck thought that was “interesting”. Gee, why is that interesting, Manfred?

  16. I got an apology after writing into the CRTC? I, personally, didn’t need one with the exception of being completely embarassed for the station, the city and the province. Hopefully there is an apology to those who deserve it…

    “Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate your comments and feel you are well within your rights to make them.

    My comments were out of line and not well thought out. In no way was I attempting to denigrate KD Lang because of her sexual orientation. I realize now, that is how the comments have been interpreted by many and for that I am sorry.

    I can not justify what I said, but I do regret saying it. We will be taking some sort of remedial action.

    Sincerely yours,


  17. Another great news exclusive by the P.D. This is drivel and the only thing that you are really doing is stirring up shit. Lets be honest though this is all your left wing non reputable paper does. The comments made were not incredibly intelligent nor do I think they needed to be said of TV but lets be honest Ms. Lang has as look that is rather mannish and to say so is not homophobic. How about this. Use you opportunity as a “independent publication” to speak about things that matter in the world maybe like hundreds being killed in Libia or maybe the 48 year old regime in Seria trying to quell an uprising by killing off the leaders of said uprising. Or maybe you could bring some quality impute into the fed or prov budget that were just released. But undoubtedly no you talk about your unfounded suspicions of homophobia in the nightly news cast, and let me guess whats next the umpteenth exclusive on how the downtown construction is destroying life as you know it. All you poor little scenesters having your daily walk or parking interrupted is not news.

  18. I’m not sure I can adequately follow up that solid block of non-sequiturs and colourful spelling, but if we’re suggesting things for PD to cover now, I’d love to see an analysis of how discussions of certain bigotries constantly get sidelined by people whining that we should only be talking about the “real” problems in the world, and that the “real” problems only ever exist in other countries.

  19. I don’t like responding to trollish comments (Anonymous #31) but there’s something that needs clearing up in there. k.d. lang keeps her hair short and she doesn’t slather herself with makeup, so her looks are what people think of ‘mannish’. What ‘mannish’ really means is ‘failure to appear feminine in a very particular culturally mandated way,’ but I won’t bore you with pointing out the obvious, or how words like ‘mannish’ already have scorn embedded into them.

    But here’s the thing. They weren’t pointing out something about her looks; they were making fun of her for having those looks. You see the difference, yes? Regardless of what you think of my decision to write about this instead of Libya – which is definitely a more important topic than the CTV News – there’s a crucial distinction to be made here.

    And anyway, if you think Libya and Syria are such important topics, you might want to spell them properly.

  20. And here I thought that the prov and fed budget were about Canada.

    In the end yes I think your feelings count for nothing and homophobia doesn’t consern me when the other topic is people dieing but I guess JD if it happens outside of your 50 foot bubble those deaths don’t matter

  21. I have to say, though, I’ve been writing on- and off line for ten years now, and this is the first time anyone’s called my work drivel (I’ve never been called a scenester before either – I feel all Library Voices now).

    I feel like I should get a badge, or a doughnut or something. Anonymous, can you get me a doughnut?

  22. Okay, scratch that last request. How about a PD article about how trolling and genuine idiocy are so difficult to distinguish that a web commenter finds herself uncertain about whether explaining to someone that “homophobia” and “people dying” are not topics that are always mutually exclusive might be a worthwhile exercise, or whether I should just call it a day at the first misspelling of my two-letter screen name.

  23. Pfft. Next thing, you’re going to try to tell me that there’s a 1000-word post about the provincial budget on the front page of this blog.

  24. Hey DB/JD/DJ/JB, I find it interesting that you assumed ‘angry Anonymous’ is a woman. *I* assumed he was a man. What does that say about us, I wonder?

    I loved the blog, BTW, but most of these comments are GOLD!

  25. Amy, I assumed man too. Thank you for a good reminder not to make assumptions.

    (PS: anonymous’ e-mail address has a male name.)

  26. I apologize for expressing my opinion. I retract my comments after seeing they are in no way validated by you are your other bloggers. I apologize for my grammatical errors and will never bring my input or opinion to your site again. Thank you for demonstrating your ability in demeaning and disrespecting any challenging point of view other then your own.

  27. Yes, Anonymous, off you go. This is what happens when you lead with insults about ‘drivel’ and ‘scenesters’ and spike your comments with inaccurate criticism (as in, there’s a story about Libya in this issue of prairie dog).

    When you talk trash in the comments, people will talk trash back. When you’re respectful, people return the respect. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  28. ‘Libia’ is having real problems on its borders right now. If it’s not fighting off the expansionist tendencies of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick, it’s having to repel Pottsylvanian insurgents.

  29. I like how the bigots and homophobes attempt to defend themselves by saying WE are attacking THEIR VALID OPINIONS which happen to be different. OH THE IRONY. How about accepting people who have a different sexual orientation, hey? Or in words you’ll understand, I’ll grant you tolerance when you start extending that to others.

    Katie out.

  30. I am watching CTV News, hoping for an apology or an admission of wrongdoing. Instead: incompetence and technical difficulties…

  31. …and there it was…

    Although I don’t know if I really accept “it was supposed to be humorous” as a valid apology.

  32. I just have to say this. Too bad Manfred wasn’t a politically correct bigot and mouthed off about Sarah Palin. I wonder just how sensitive us P.D readers would get.

  33. you wrote ” k.d. lang: guilty of unfuckability by a sportscaster.

    If I wanted to be unprofessional,” Wanted to be unprofessional?

    Congrats…you are already there!

  34. Seanbot: What does “politically correct bigot” mean?? How is bigotry politically correct? Anyway, if you mean that he “mouthed off” about Palin in a homophobic or sexist way, this PD reader would certainly be pissed off about it.

  35. …but if you’re pointing out that the mainstream left, in general, has a problem acknowledging when it engages in homophobic/sexist/racist crap, I certainly agree with you.

  36. WOW. I watched the news at six…heard Manfred apologize for something and did a google search “what did manfred say’. It led me here. There are actually people like you? Someone would take the time to write a letter to complain about this? It was humour. Someone said lose his job? would hope he gets a raise. You people are too much. Really.

  37. Seanbot: The issue is not ideological. The issue is a possible contravening of regulations and codes as set by the CRTC and CBSC. If a news anchor sniggered at Ann Coulter for her appearance or sexual preference I would think it equally as unprofessional and rude, at the very least.

    Anonymous #54: There’s nothing remotely unprofessional about this statement, in the context of the content and editorial style of the blog that you are reading. (And strangely enough, the sentence is eminently factual.)

    Phil: Depends. Were you a news anchor in ’86?

    Steve: Yes, there are people who care when rules governing broadcast regulations are possibly violated. Really.

  38. And I’m consistently amazed that there are people who think that “humour” is a mode of communication that is magically exempted from having an impact on the world around it and therefore is beyond critique. Steve, let’s stare at each other in wonderment for a while.

  39. “…but if you’re pointing out that the mainstream left, in general, has a problem acknowledging when it engages in homophobic/sexist/racist crap, I certainly agree with you.”

    JB, exactly that! I see no problems with being snarky, for I find Palin contemptable. But, too often, the euphemisms used to describe her go well into the territory of mysogyny. Yet people that should know better, give out easy passes.

    p.s. I love Manfred’s quirky harmless humour. He made a mistake, but I don’t think he should be crucified for it.

  40. RE: Seanbot’s “p.s. I love Manfred’s quirky harmless humour. He made a mistake, but I don’t think he should be crucified for it.”

    I don’t think he should be crucified for it either, but he should be held accountable in some way for his poor judgment. As a prominent broadcaster, he is expected to represent the values of his community, and when he fails to, it is the community’s job to take him to task for it. Seems like that’s what’s happened.
    Besides, certainly there are elected officials in Saskatchewan who’ve said far worse and faced absolutely no consequences.

  41. Seanbot, I don’t think anyone here wants Manfred Joehnck “crucified”. I sure don’t. Broadcasters are vulnerable to saying all kinds of stupid things because they exist in this weird hybrid space between casual conversation and formal, impersonal monologue, all combined with overwork. It’s a flawed medium. I have lots of sympathy for incidents like this.

    Also, one tragedy of this no one’s mentioned is that a decent one-liner — “looks like Charlie Sheen on a meth bender” — has been wasted on someone who does NOT look like Charlie Sheen on a meth bender.

    Jeez, these comments are a good read!

  42. Steve #58 – Are there actually people like me? I wouldn’t know, Steve. I’m a badger.

    Don’t tell anyone. They gave me a SIN card and everything.

  43. Seanbot3000 – First off, it would be seriously cool if you were a robot. But chances are you’re human.

    As Emmett and Whitworth said, no one wants Joehnck to be crucified or punished – just held accountable. And since he apologized on air and owned up to his words, I think he’s shown himself to be accountable.

    The misogynistic remarks thrown at Palin are worth a much longer discussion, if only because there’s a large between mocking someone whose looks fall outside the mainstream beauty standard and those whose looks are engineered to fall directly within that standard. Names like Caribou Barbie aren’t misogynistic by any stretch – they’re a commentary on her manufactured image, which is based in large part on the dissonance between her supposedly rugged persona and her careful makeup and prominent cheekbones.

    Of course, there are comments about Palin that are straight-up nasty. But those don’t generally appear on network news broadcasts from the anchors.

  44. I’m late to the debate as I just saw it referenced in somebody’s Facebook update.

    I would love to see a transcript of what the broadcasters said before commenting. I wonder how many of those posting here actually heard/saw what was said?

    Good luck to the Dog in getting that transcript. Somehow I don’t think CTV will be all that forthcoming, and, based on the comments here, it’s doubtful any of the writers have it on their PVR’s.

    My issue is this: Would PrairieDog ever consider requiring people to post under their real names? That could go a long way to forcing people such as Anonymous 31 back into their cat-overrun hovels, where outrages can be contained to peering through the curtains and yelling at the neighbours’ kids.

    Or maybe you would rather see these posts come in. I have to admit, the response to his inanity has been hilarious.

    I recently put my money where my mouth is at CBC.CA, replacing my pseudonym (Help – did I spell that right?) with my real name.

    I’d encourage others to do the same.

  45. Pat: I like real names (thank you!) but I also like nicknames when they’re used consistently. A good nickname from a regular commentator (like Seanbot3000 or Talbot Fresh, Jr.) is a treat.

    Nicknames are like secret superhero (or super-villain!) identities. That’s fun! Fun is good.

    There are changes I’d like to make to the comment system, maybe at some point.

  46. Here’s how the non-uni educated, 25-55 white male demo thinks: emulate sportscasters and act like an an asshole. Manliness restored. Too bad Manny got caught in the trap. I think he’s a good guy who shouldn’t be smeared by this.

    A great deal of your dads are homophobic and racist cuz 55 year olds suddenly think it’s cool to act all 1981 again. Fuck em.

  47. Now there’s an enlightened comment, #68. Paint everyone in a 30 year period who doesn’t meet your gender or educational with the same ignorant brush.

    I don’t know if YOUR dad was racist and homophobic, he clearly failed to take you over his knee and spank you for your immature insolence.

  48. hahaha I would be mad to. “Prairie Dog” you only wish u were as credible as ctv or anything close to a real news source at all.Maybe get your facts strait first.and to all you other winners with real lives. I would be mad to if i had nothing else to do with my life than sit here on broke down blogs hahaha. dont be mad that u have a poo low paying job with nothing better to do than blow things out of proportion. talk bad about people you envy. but just rot away like the rest of nobodys in this broke down town. :)

  49. I hope your little story gets you a raise from your 20gs a year. hahaha Manny is good stuff and he ment it as a physical comparison. I know its hard when your un educated bottom feeding journalist. It hurts sometime when you know your stuck in this rotting ghetto lol what ever can get you that extra meal right . hahaha omg Im an engineer and i cant even believe this broke down site was brought to my attention

  50. Manfred is old and should retire.
    Maybe with all the ‘technical difficulties’ CTV’s been having, he thought he was not ‘on air’ when he said what he said about KD. It doesn’t matter -he demonstrated his bias, and at this stage of his career, should know better.
    Regina needs to do better – it’s embarassing.

  51. Low quality product, homophobic anchors, right wing media outlet, seems this is the new Fox News.

    I hope they were flooded with angry phone calls.

  52. Hi my name is Melissa, a friend just told me about this website. I am in South Korea teaching right now. After reading all the stuff about my Dad I was pretty upset. He seems o.k about it all and told me not to write on this blog for fear it would make a bad situation worse, but I don’t care I am going to give my two cents worth anyway.

    First off no one seems to really know what was said and the spirit it which it was intended. My dad said, the older she gets (KD Lang) the more she looks like Charlie Sheen. Right after he said it, he realized how it might be interpreted by some, there was a pregnant pause then he went on to say, I don’t mean it in a bad way. The sport guy then jumped in to say how could that be anything but a bad way, you look at Charlie Sheen and his wild hair going off like he is on a meth bender or something like that. My dad then says, not that Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen on a good day. Time was then up, good night good by.

    My Dad is a good guy, I suppose any daughter would say that, but I will tell you he is smart, funny, compassionate and caring. He is not a homophobic, a racist, an idiot, unprofessional, an embarrassment, vile, narrow minded, stupid or any of the other adjective used to describe in these blogs, and by the way he quit drinking 9 years ago.

    He is my Dad, I am very proud of him, and I love him dearly.

    I know he will be mad at me for writing this, but still I feel compelled to say something aftr all that I have read. You know this stuff sticks with you on the internet. In closing I would say, calm down, and think before you hit send.


  53. Wow… nice prarie dog…
    You should congratulate yourself on taking something way out of context and spinning it into something else.
    must have been a slow news day for you..or wait this is the sort of crap you publish everyday..
    my mistake.

  54. How come the sportcaster’s name is not mentioned? Are we on a witch hunt here?
    Why is Aidan jumping in so unprofessionally?
    All I can say is the PrairieDOG, (yes thats DOG in caps ) is merely that. A DOG of a paper. I have had issues with other stories they have written before They do not research the facts and the editor lets them publish utter crap? They want to be “sensational”;
    People in the public eye will always be scrutinized. Hey its a good trade off for all the great perks they get.Trust me.
    Lets put this in perspective and get on to more important issues, like maybe a pending war or nuclear disaster.

  55. Thanks for the comment Melissa. I think everyone understands that people say dumb things sometimes. People in the public eye have substantially more opportunity to get into trouble for what they say. It’s the downside of being a public figure. Mr. Joehnck showed class and apologized, which was the right move. And he has been given abundant credit for this on our blog, here.

    Hopefully that’s the end of this story!

    We will continue to remove any ridiculous personal attacks on Manfred Joehnck in comments.

    Ridiculous attacks on prairie dog will as usual be tolerated unless they’re totally insane.

  56. Am I honestly reading these comments? Some of us are over-dramatic. At some point in our lives, we have all said or done something that we can not take back. Understand that not everyone shares the same sense of humour, I support homosexuality and was not at all offended, I get they were not intentionally trying to hurt others. What I find equally, if not more disgusting, are the insults pouring in about Manfred. How can you possibly say these things and expect that you are any better of a person? Not only are you purposely hurting him, it negatively affects everyone in his life to some degree. Are you aware of all the hurt you are creating with your words? I imagine it runs deeper and stronger than the KD Lang slip.

    I fully believe that the CTV personalities involved have nothing but regrets for what was said and absolutely did not mean to offend anyone… we are not all gifted comedians, I’m sure they’ve realized this. An apology was made, accept it and move on. No one is perfect 100% of the time, should be easy enough to find someone else to pick on.

    Give us the real facts before you try to shove your opinions and beliefs down our throats…. followers.

  57. For people new to this thread: there’s a follow up here that’s worth reading, and it’s a better place to leave comments on this topic.

    This thread is officially closed to comments.

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