Third Candidate for Rider Head Coach?

Most of the talk about who will succeed Ken Miller as the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ head coach has focussed on former defensive coordinator Richie Hall and current offensive coordinator Doug Berry. Today, TSN has a report that the Riders have received permission to speak with current Montreal Alouette offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich. Assuming he could be persuaded to leave Montreal, he offers the Riders considerably more upside than Hall and Berry along the lines of what Kent Austin brought to the team in 2007. That’s my take, anyway.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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One thought on “Third Candidate for Rider Head Coach?”

  1. I dispassionately don’t get why we’d hire Richie Hall as head coach. He doesn’t have the track record. Dude is 16-20. I guess you need to develop new people, but it sounds like a huge gamble. Brendan Taman + Richie Hall sound to me like a formula for a 3rd place finish and first round playoff loss.

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