6 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go…”

  1. some interesting nearmisses in that first one – i would to see it on regular speed to see how close they were

  2. I wonder what the average body/mass index of everyone depicted in these videos is?

  3. I saw all the near misses too – I think if you’re responsible for you own body and you know everyone else is too (i.e. not surrounded by a metal carapace) then road direction can change like we see in the video. All those people know they are people riding bicycles and are having a kind of non-verbal conversation about who’s going where. I think it’s totally different from the kind of passive fantasy of driving, where you’re at the centre of your own little movie about the rest of your day: “Hank is driving his Harley down Albert Street and feeling the vibrations through his crotch” or “Carle drives out to the east end (and wants to keep on going).”

    The other thing is those bikes! Fenders! Chain guards! Being able to sit upright! No one having to lean forward as if they’re about to go up a mountain or win a race… now that’s civilized. I think we’ve got all our vehicles wrong in North America: SUVs, trucks, mountain bikes, are all designed for things most of us don’t do.

  4. Yeah – everyone seems rather fit don’t they? Apparently over 1/3 of people bike in the Netherlands – yes please!

  5. Also – there are so few cars. It is mostly public transport on the roads. Ideal I say.

  6. Nobody has helmets, everyone can keep there hair in order and I saw some heels and suits.

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