Things I Didn’t Get Done This Summer (Nudity Warning)

Autumn is a few days old, the leaves are falling like rain in my backyard, and I’m starting to feel sad and regretful for all the stuff I swore I’d get done this summer and didn’t.

Landscaping the front yard: fail. Fixing up the bathroom: 50% fail. Writing more (non-prairie dog related, that is): fail. Blogging every day: fail. Getting the podcast listener numbers above 50: huge fail. Drinking many Americano Cocktails (the Official Mixed Drink Of Summer In Regina 2011): kind of destined to fail (because one can always drink more Americanos).

There’s more but the one I’m maybe the most regretful about (and it was also probably the easiest) was that I was going to make this the Summer of Spanish Music. For the last couple years I’ve been listening to a pretty steady diet of old timey jazz, lounge and hawaiian music. (I made a couple mix cds for a cocktail party and that kind of took over my brain.)

Then I saw this video and it blew my mind.

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

I saw that and was like, “Man, it’s a whole fucking world of music I know nothing about.” And I was going to spend my summer exploring that world and it just didn’t happen.

But I did discover Carstairs Café Radio. Yay! More old timey jazz!

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

11 thoughts on “Things I Didn’t Get Done This Summer (Nudity Warning)”

  1. You could consider the bathroom fixup 50% successful, and as for the landscaping, your yard isn’t going anywhere, so you have more time to consider different ideas for the makeover. And I’m fairly sure that fatherhood trumped a number of other activities, so look more at the glass half-full side of things.

  2. Things I didn’t do:

    1. Get my haircut at Canadiana on 12th. It, too, like the Novia, is now history.

    2. Eat more at the Novia. Sure, the first summer that I spend a great deal of time downtown, the Novia closes.

    3. Ride my bike. I did swim lots, tho, at Wascana.

    4. Party-hardy. Filed under things I DIDN’T DO.

  3. So I just did the journalistic thing: Canadiana’s voice mail says they’re closed “for moving” re-opening Oct 3, but it doesn’t say where. I know the Prairie Dog doesn;t like to cover these things for fear of fall-out against the beloved plaza, but it would be nice to see what the hell is going on at Grodin Block.

  4. Aw no, two classic things next door to each other are now both gone. That sucks.

    So, when do we see a wrecking ball?

    Depressing to see stuff like this.
    But, like ’em or not, new towers mean more people downtown, and if they follow the “Plan” and have storefronts on the ground floor, things will be good.
    Which brings me to the most irritating thing about downtown: that half-block worth of buildings inhabited by SaskTel. Take a walk north in the plaza and notice the lack of street-level stuff there West of Cornwall. There is that cool stone building which is at least nice to look at, and then there is that god-awful black building which might as well be a black hole. And then walk North on Lorne…. I have never seen an unfriendlier stretch in my life, anywhere but here. Old buildings getting replaced by big glass ones? Kind of sad, but at least there will be signs of LIFE in the new buildings. Oh, and then they built that stupid power-generator/doomsday-device building at 11th and Lorne. WTF!!!

  5. Canadiana is moving into the ground floor of Old City Hall Mall. Re: #4 totally agree with the Sasktel Building observation. It’s a monolith that provides no street level engagement for pedestrians. As for the plaza, it would seem that a cafe/pub/restaurant with a sidewalk patio on the northern side of 12th would be a huge asset.

  6. #4 – There already are store fronts on the Gordon block. They were occupied by the Novia and the Canadiana. The other storefront (with the exception of some short-term pop-up office space for local arts organizations) pretty much sat empty for the last 6 years (at least). And now that the plaza is open to the public, those store fronts will be boarded up. File this under Things I Will Never Understand.

  7. “I know the Prairie Dog doesn;t like to cover these things for fear of fall-out against the beloved plaza, but it would be nice to see what the hell is going on at Grodin Block.”

    That’s off-side, Talbot. And inaccurate as well.

    We have covered the Gordon Block’s situation — what there is to know of it — in the paper and on Ultrasonic Alarm Call, the official podcast of prairie dog magazine.

    Here’s what Greg reported back when the Novia closed:

    Harvard senior vice-president Mo Bundon was noncommittal about Harvard’s plans for Gordon Block. “We’re considering several alternatives from renovating the [existing] building to building a new building. But we haven’t really made any plans yet.”

    Beyond that, there isn’t much more that people will say openly. Except that the building is protected by the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District which gives it the same protections as a full heritage building.

    That means, the building can only come down if council says it can.

    I will say that amongst official heritage types there is a lot hand wringing over what might be in store for the building. But so far, Harvard hasn’t said or done anything.

  8. What’s done is done. The Gordon Block is doomed. History’s been smudged out. The building will fall.

    In other news, anyone notice that nifty little shop on 11th? Downtown Mart: A Convenience and Clothing Store?

    As for being off-side, editorially, anytime anyone says anything bad about the plaza, they get rebuffed.

  9. there was music with that video? I’ll have to watch it again … er, I mean listen to it again. Yeah. Listen to it.

  10. Talbot: What? Who? When?

    I say bad stuff about the plaza all the time.

    I’ll say something bad right now: Cars are going to park wherever the fuck on the plaza. And drivers won’t have a clue how to navigate it. And taking out the bollards was a huge mistake. And what’s up with those pointy things with the lights strung between them? And where did the “glockenspiel” go? That sure seemed to get spirited away under cover of darkness.

    Need I remind you that it was the prairie dog that entered the phrases “ugly orange things” and “grove of light sabers” into the lexicon of Regina witticisms?

  11. I read somewhere that the City has never blocked the demolition of anything if the owner didn’t want it to stand anymore. Declaring something a Heritage site seems to be nothing more than window-dressing.
    Mark my words, as soon as Tower III is done we will hear about Tower IV going up, or maybe even see wrecking balls before hearing about anything else.

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