If extreme sports aren’t your cup o’ tea and you’d rather not be invaded, the town of Montmartre wants you to spend the weekend getting folked up.

Their 2nd annual music fest kicked-off yesterday. A laid back evening populated by campers, crowd pleasing tunes and the smell of meat on a gas grill. It was my first visit to “Paris on the Prairies” and my experience left a lasting impression.

First off, the highway to Montmartre is folked up. The trip from Regina is 90 km of rolling green prairie and an infinite horizon only interrupted by power lines and broken pavement signs.

After Vibank, it becomes an unpredictable mixture of wash-out, gravel and off-road test track.

The show is worth the drive, just slow down and be cautious. Last night, Saskatchewan talents Descalso and Lorri Solomon warmed up the air, providing background sounds while people organized their campsites. Today is the first full day of entertainment.

Performers to highlight include latin-fusion band The Ben Winoski Project and the infinitely talented Carol Morin.

The pleasant atmosphere and inclusive vibe made me wish I could’ve stayed all weekend. Due to other engagements, I was only able to see the set-up and first two acts. It was enough to know that all involved are in for a treat.

I also had the “opportunity” to meet the local law enforcement. I was pulled over as I headed out of town. The officer said he stopped me because he didn’t recognize my car, but I could tell he knew I was folked up.