Arts Technica posts about an odd change to a version Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace — someone who purchased a version for the Barnes and Noble e-reader, the Nook, found that the word “kindled” had been replaced by “Nookd”. An example:

An astute reader named Philip broke the story on his blog, noting that his reading of the classic was interrupted by the sentence “It was as if a light had been Nookd in a carved and painted lantern…” The blogger noticed more and more uses of the word “Nookd,” leading him to examine a paper copy to find a more accurate translation that used the word “kindled” instead.

Arts Technica is guessing that the publisher is to blame, although “blame” is a harsh word for something so clearly great. I want them to go further. Next version of War and Peace needs to have some Chuck/Subway-style product placement. Suddenly, a bunch of cats like Pierre Bezukhov are very excited that Doritos have brought their First through Third Degree Burn chips to Russia.