There’s Been A Waste Water Petition Robocall

I was just talking to Jim Holmes, spokesperson for Regina Water Watch, the group behind the petition I’ve been writing about all day, and he says that he’s been getting phone calls today from people who’ve received a robocall about waste water plant and the RWW petition.

According to Holmes, it didn’t sound like the calls were a push-poll — that is, an automated telephone poll that doesn’t actually collect data but rather uses leading questions to push a particular agenda.

Apparently, the poll is asking people if they’re aware of the plans for the waste water treatment plant upgrade and that it’ll be done using a public private partnership; if they’re aware of the petition about the P3 and that it was recently rejected by the city clerk’s office; and, if they are in favour of building the waste water treatment plant using a P3.

Now, remember! I’m getting all this second hand! There may have been more questions to this robocall and they were definitely phrased very differently from how I’ve represented them here.

If you’ve received a robocall about the waste water petition then I have to ask, why haven’t you e-mailed me? Maybe because you don’t know my e-mail address? It’s pauld {at} Drop me a line and let me know what questions you were asked.

Holmes says no one has any idea who exactly is behind the robocalls. Could be city hall, gathering data to drop at tomorrow night’s city council meeting. During his press conference on Friday, Mayor Fougere did say he was going to spend the weekend “talking to people.” So maybe that’s what’s going on? Or maybe it’s the Chamber of Commerce or one of the companies that’s planning to bid on the P3?

Oh, it’s all so mysterious! How exciting!

Author: Paul Dechene

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7 thoughts on “There’s Been A Waste Water Petition Robocall”

  1. I’ve got a movement going tonight, but I have no time to continue it. Wondering if you can follow up on this, and see what the requirements are for other municipalities regarding referendum petitions. So far, I’ve found some interesting information, at least in the good ol’ US of A. Seems that in LA, they are pretty helpful with the petitions! In some cases, the City Solicitor is even responsible for helping with the wording of the petition.

    And, the best part, many of what I have found so far – the amount of required signatures —-> ONLY A PERCENTAGE OF THE VOTES ACTUALLY CAST IN THE LAST ELECTION!!! What a friggen concept, hey? If we suck at getting people to the polls to make one of the most important decisions of their lives (well the next four years anyways), how can we possible expect that many to sign a petition that they may not even have heard of??

  2. I wonder who’s been making the calls.

    I thought CRTC rules required that “such telecommunications shall begin with a clear message identifying the person on whose behalf the telecommunication is made. This identification message shall include a mailing address and a local or toll-free telecommunications number at which a representative of the originator of the message can be reached.”

    I could be wrong, though–perhaps this rule doesn’t apply in this case.

  3. I did get a call, and I did link prairedog in a tweet I made on the topic over the weekend. All the question did seem like it was trying to push a certain agenda. I have the number of the company used saved(at home), send me an email if your interested in it. Probably could use some investigating.

  4. James: Thanks! And just so you know, effing Whitworth has a habit of not passing on important city hall-related tweets and emails to me. And I work from home not in the office so sometimes I don’t hear about things until way late. I swear, if it wasn’t for G-Beat I’d never hear anything. Guy’s a prince.

    Anyway, I’ll send an e-mail to the one you provided when you commented.

  5. I also got one of these calls, and the third question was a little different (asking if I support a referendum despite the petition’s failure). It didn’t seem like a push-poll to me, either — though the final question started with something along the lines of “Although the petition was invalid, …”, which suggested to me that the sponsor of the poll accepts the city clerk’s decision.

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