I stumbled across this article on page A-10 of the Friday, May 7 Regina Leader-Post. It’s by Jeremy Warren, and concerns a speech given in Saskatoon by Tom MacNeill, CEO of 49 North Resources.

The headline reads: Socialism ‘an active enemy’ says CEO.

You can read it for yourself, but MacNeill’s basic thesis is that while progressive government a.k.a. socialism was good for Saskatchewan in the early days as far as building basic infrastructure like roads, power lines, telecommunications networks and whatnot, and while the CCF-NDP governments of Tommy Douglas and Alan Blakeney initially did do a good job of attracting private sector investment to the province in industries like potash, oil and gas, and uranium, they eventually got too “greedy” and interfered too much with business.

After six decades, MacNeill continued, Saskatchewan’s resource sector was finally poised to catch up to the rest of Canada. “All that stuff that socialism kept in the ground is there for the taking now,” he said. “We’ve only scratched the surface in regards to resource extraction in this province.”