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  1. Naked man assaulting (gruesomely) another man and the police HAD to shoot him….because police can’t overpower a really high naked dude without using a gun? Seems strange. Benefit of the doubt from me. Perhaps equally as disturbing as the story itself, the TV coverage. Can America not report ANYTHING without ridiculous sensational overtones? What a shitty ass reporter – probably a product of her environment though.

  2. Umm, if someone is killing someone else and they refuse to stop, I’m ok with that person being shot. Repeatedly.

    And I don’t find anything over sensational about the reporting, hard to downplay this story.

  3. Well Bronymous – shooting crazy people or high people ain’t in my nature.

  4. Not even when they are killing someone? Getting high on coke gives you the right to grotesquely attempt to murder someone? Being gun crazy and quick to pull the trigger is one thing, this is not one of those times.

  5. You don’t need to shoot anyone with lead. Rubber bullets ,pepper spray,a net, dogs.

  6. I think the drug choice was actually “Bath Salts”… not coke. It’s a new bathtub drug that is very popular among teenagers these days… I don’t know anything about it making you a cannibal, but I have heard of people picking off their faces while under the influence of morphine(or other derivatives in the past). Who’s to say whether or not the use of lethal force was “required”. It makes me wonder about the “greyhound” attack in Manitoba. I am sure there are lots of people who believe Li should have been shot on the spot for his (similar) actions. Instead Li has recently been granted supervised day passes, meanwhile Tim McLean is dead. I guess you never know… That’s probably what the officer in Miami was thinking… “You never know.” Tough call in a tough situation. Either way, nobody wins.

  7. To clarify: shooting dude was the correct call because someone’s life was in (extremely) immediate danger. Not because the face eater “deserved it”.

  8. I’m perfectly alright with the cops shooting this guy. He was eating someone’s face. Read that sentence again.

  9. He yelled, “Don’ta taaayze me brah” and the cops shot him instead. PCP, angel dust, crystal meth? Probably something new and even more f*cked up.

  10. Yeesh, I know who I hope isn’t around when my face is being eaten off. Cue this scene in a very liberal area of Canada – “yes, he is tearing off and eating someone’s face, but before we put a stop to this let’s consider the aggressor’s possible reasons for doing this, what systemic forces led him to this? Let’s try to talk to him and see what he’s feeling right now, let’s try to break down these walls and create an open line of communicat…”

    Certain situations require certain consequences.

  11. Comments #1 and #5, what type of foolishness are you guys on? If you were in the victim’s shoes getting your face gnawed off in an unprovoked attack, you’d want the attacker dead asap. The cop who shot the attacker 5 times dead had no choice under this crazy situation.

    According to a newer news report…the victim was a 65 year old homeless man and the attacker was a 31 year old guy possibly under the influence of something (toxicology tests will take a couple weeks to confirm this).

    Refer to here for the rest.


  12. I agree with you but “consequences” probably isn’t the best word, Brononymous. That implies cannibal druggie deserved to die. He didn’t deserve to die*.

    This guy needed to be shot because this was an emergency-type situation with a life in immediate jeopardy, not because it’s some kind of justice. That’s all. A comparable situation would be police shooting someone who was pointing a gun at other people, who’d refused repeated attempts to drop the weapon.

    *And neither does the Greyhound cannibal, BTW

  13. Hey Whitworth, does being on vacation temporarily suspend your authority as a knower-of-things??

    The question isn’t whether he deserved to die or not, what matters is the imminence of the threat. The attacker was shot five times before they were able to get him to stop. And that only happened because he died. Now that’s some serious intent…

  14. Can’t police use methods other than a gun on a naked high dude? I realize I dare teeter into make-believe-movieland here….but would clubbing the dork unconscious with one of those nifty police batons or something be an option? I of course was not there – so I don’t know what exactly circumstances were, but it sounds like the perp continued the attack after being shot and shot at….seems to me like a good time to deliver a couple debilitating blows to the noggin or something. I just can’t help but think there’s some “shoot first, ask questions later” going on here.

  15. He deserved to die because of his actions. He surely would have killed that person if there was no intervention, and may have killed others. Sad for his family and that he ended up in that messed-up state, but reality is it was required to shoot him numerous times, with the intent to kill, to get him to stop.

  16. If my face is getting chewed off and I’m close to dying, I’m all for the police shooting first and asking questions later.

    I’m not a cop but I imagine proper protocol in situations like this are to protect those being harmed by any means necessary. Guy was so out of it that they needed multiple shots to get him down. Lol if I’m a cop and the dudes been shot several times and he’s still raring to go, the last thing I’m going to do is approach him on foot and engage in hand-to-hand combat. Guys a drug-induced superhuman lunatic who IS EATING SOMEONES FACE OFF.

  17. Whoops, typo: I meant to type “refused repeated REQUESTS” to stop eating the victim’s face.

    And no,Brononymous, the attacker did not “deserve” to be shot. NO ONE “deserves” to be shot. The cannibal attacker NEEDED to be shot however. It’s an important distinction.

    And what the heck are you on about, Krazy Kat? Are you going Saylor on me?

  18. And Heath: you are mad! Maaaaad!!! In a situation like that every second matters. Cops gotta shoot frenzied cannibal maniacs ASAP.

  19. 18: All in good fun of course, I’ll work on my tone..
    You will always be an authority in my eyes. Unless you call me Krazy again, in which case I might acquire some ‘bath salts’ and get Cannibal Hulk meets Saylor on ya.

  20. I agree, not deserve (a tricky word that can have different meanings to people), but needed to be shot because of the situation.

    Think I’ve heard and thought about this story much more than necessary. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come as the effects of this drug seem pretty crazy.

  21. Miami has been having quite the issue with bath salts.
    Concerning bath salts-
    One emergency room doctor reported escalated incidents of extreme violence in which someone the size of 150 pounds had the strength more so of a 250 pound person. They often required 5 or more security officers to restrain them, as well as sedation… they were inclined to be fixated on the mouth and jaw area (sound familiar)… This all occurred after an electronic music festival in Miami… The Miami police force MAY be aware of these side effects, and MAY have made the appropriate call. If he had hurt anyone else, say in the emergency room or where ever, the question would now be “Why didn’t they shoot him???”

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