Michael Wolff has a pretty good article on The Guardian’s excellent coverage of the News Of The World phone hack/police bribery/ general sleaze story. It’s a quick read and a good piece. Here’s a snip:

And there is a newspaper that has committed itself to this dogged and captivating pursuit. The Guardian—also the paper of WikiLeaks—is having what can only be called its Watergate moment, and its editor, the Delphic Alan Rusbridger, his Ben Bradlee moment. The newspaper film of the summer, Page One, should not be about The New York Timespuzzling over its own purpose, but about The Guardian, which has no doubt about its mission. Murdoch is its unmistakable Nixon. In that, the hacking scandal is the perfect dénouement of the Murdoch career. Hacking is not at all an aberration, or a what-were-they-thinking error of judgment and strategy, but an expression of the company’s fundamental identity: It’s not just that they did it, but, more importantly, this is what they do.

The whole thing is here.

(via Pharyngula)