From an AP report posted to the Guardian:

A mysterious young woman appearing at the side of North Korea’s new leader is the subject of speculation she could be Kim Jong-un’s younger sister or even wife, but Pyongyang has released no details.

The very brief mention of Kim Jong-un potentially having a wife sent my head spinning. Not for thinking of what a wild time it must be for all the North Korean gossip columnists. No, it’s more personal, since for whatever reason I have a lot of trouble imagining Kim Jong-un as a sexual being in any capacity. It was the same thing with his dad, Kim Jong-il, too.

Other heads of terrible dictatorial regimes have desires I can at least fathom. Anyone could just look at Muammar Gaddafi and know that he’s into some things. But some combination of their drab attire and their habit of blankly looking at things doesn’t speak to a well of romantic desire in them. At this point, I think taking on the leadership of North Korea means you have that charcoal uniform stitched to your body and all naughty thoughts — beyond screwing up your country on a daily basis — funneled into the repression area of the brain.