1 SASK FILM INDUSTRY R.I.P. Look at it this way, all those unemployed actors can now get jobs as Bill Hutchinson’s fake constituents. What else would you expect from a government that sold SCN for $350K, who 18 months later sold it to Rogers for $3 million?

2 NO MORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR YOU! Imagine if an NDP government cut all the regional economic development programs. Or tried to turn Tourism Saskatchewan into something that, when the British Columbia government did the same thing a couple of years ago, screwed up the whole thing so bad that they’re going back to the example Saskatchewan had previously set. Jesus H. Christ, Murray Mandryk, it’s not just on the financial side that we’re seeing no freaking vision or plan from the Sask. Party government – these guys haven’t a farking clue how to run anything.

3 MEANWHILE, THE EDITORAL STAFF AT THE ONION CONTEMPLATES THE SUICIDE OPTION A new Hampshire state senator, who’s looking to lampoon his own party’s campaign to overturn the state’s same-sex laws, introduces an amendment banning left-handed persons from marrying. As someone who experimented with being ambidextrous for a little while in college, I must say I’m ambivalent about this. On one hand I think he’s joking … but on the other hand he’s a Republican.

4 THAT LIONEL MESSI CAN DO ANYTHING It’s not enough that he scored five goals in a Champions League match, Lionel Messi and others with FC Barcelona are now accused – by Syrian state television – of designing a scoring play that was actually a coded signal to members of the opposition movement of a map to import arms into the country to fight the government army. Who knew?

5 YOUR NEW YORK POST AUTOMATIC HEADLINE GENERATOR Broncos Sacrifice Virgin, Religious Zealot Commandeers Jets, May Leave New York In Ruins

GUESS THEY MAVE HAVE SOME LEFTOVER TANKS FROM TIANAMIEN SQUARE A FEW YEARS AGO Beijing is awash with rumours of either a massive purge of the communist party hierarchy or a military coup d’etat.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Dedicated to all those working in the Saskatchewan film industry — at least for now — here’s Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band with Badlands.