I coyly linked to this at the end of item number one in this post, but it’s worth making a happy fuss about. Gabrielle Giffords, the Democratic congresswoman who was shot in the head by a disturbed bastard in January, showed up to vote for the U.S. debt ceiling-raising plan. And she looks great!

The plan still sucks and it’s shitty that she had to vote for it but we’ll take the happy moment. She looks very, very alert and lively for someone who got shot in the head by a maniac who was stirred up by toxic Tea Party rhetoric (and probably some bad brain chemicals).

Unrelated trivia: the U.S. debt ceiling was raised 18 times under Republican President Ronald Reagan without political incident, even though the Democrats held Congress and the Senate throughout his presidency.┬áThe Tea Party won’t raise it for Barack Obama. They hate him because he’s a black Democrat and they’re a bunch of mentally-ill racist fucknuts. You think they’d put a Republican president through this? Of course not. The Tea Party is a movement of despicable pricks. Excuse the language.