Texas governor Rick Perry, a man spectacularly unfit for secular public office, will apparently announce a run for the presidency this weekend. If he gets the Republican nomination — and he’d have a strong shot — and then beats Barack Obama in the 2012 election, it’s all gonna end in tears. And environmental catastrophe, and policy that only benefits the wealthy, stupidity, and restrictions on secular freedoms and what the hell, maybe nuclear war with China, who knows (but probably not because his allegiance to his corporate puppet-masters will supersede his faith). Yet hordes of Americans will vote for him. Ugh.

But hey, Pat Roberson likes him. “[Rick Perry] has founded his administration on the bible and I might add, it works.” Ahhhhhhhhh.

(Official preemptive Seanbot caveat: no Seanbot, I’m not bashing every act of prayer here. I’m bashing prayer when it’s used as replacement for good public policy that helps people. I’m bashing the abuse of prayer, when its used as a get-out-of-doing-your-job-free card by wicked politicians. Any time a politician tells people they don’t need government help, they just need God, well, that’s a self-serving scam of the “hey, it’s not my fault the way I’m running things screws you over” variety. If there was a loving Christian God I don’t think he’d like bogus prayer much, either.)