The Smalls Sell Out

If you’re a veteran fan of Canadian music, especially in the punk/hard rock area, you’ll know who the Smalls  are. Based in Edmonton, they rocked Canuck asses big-time in the 1990s before breaking up in 2001.

Corb Lund, the Smalls’ bassist, is the best known member of the group. After they broke up, he reinvented himself as an Alberta-based alt-country singer-songwriter and has enjoyed a fair bit of critical and commercial success.

Anyway, after a 13 year hiatus, the Smalls announced this summer that they would be doing a reunion tour. That started with a performance at Edmonton’s Sonic Boom Festival in August, I believe, and the tour includes a date at the University of Regina student bar the Owl on Friday, Oct. 24. Tickets were $25, and the show sold-out within days. So there’ll be a buzz at the Owl that night.

Here’s video of the Smalls performing “My Dear Little Angle” at a Calgary festival earlier this summer:


Author: Gregory Beatty

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