Sama KustraPromoThe Sama Kutra has been described as a cross between 50 Shades of Grey and Cirque de Soleil. It’s an adult-themed clown show, you see, and involves a long-married couple desperate to spice up their love lives who stumble across a mystical guide to romance.

The title, of course, is a play on the classic Indian sex and relationship manual The Kama Sutra which dates back to 400 BCE. And since the two performers (co-writers Jacqueline Russell and Jed Tomlinson) are in clown costumes as per the above publicity photo, you can imagine the comedic possibilities they are able to mine.

The Regina stop for this Calgary-based Fringe Act is being presented by Hectik Theatre. It runs at the Artesian from Sept. 29-Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. The first night is a pay-what-you-will preview performance, and tickets for the next four nights are $25. Find out more on the Artesian website.