By definition Bonnaroo is the coming together of people from all walks of life, based on the common interest in music and its related activities (see: booze, drugs, sex).  The interesting thing is how the thrill of live music brings smaller groups together in the large overall whole. Since coming to Bonnaroo I’ve seen all kinds of outrageous acts of kindness and caring amongst strangers – acts that are all too often not a part of regular urban living. Strangers hugging after a brilliant performance by Blitzen Trapper, a fantastic gentlemen handing out high fives to those in need – these are acts that define community and make community distinct from regular urban living.

These 80,000 people sweating, dancing and partying on a farm can teach us a lot about our own communities we live in. It showcases the importance of music and the arts in our day to day lives. It proves that if we fill our living spaces with music, art and literature we can create a multitude of connections that are very important to living well and feeling absolutely fantastic.

Bonnaroo Statistics:

People seen dressed up like Jesus – 4

People that look like they might actually be Jesus – 8

Clean Toilets – 0

All Photos by Kimberly Jay