From the press release that arrived in my in-box a little while ago:

Volunteers will be cleaning up the off-leash dog park tonight with plans to open the site to dog owners and their pets this Saturday, July 30 with some precautions. Due to the flooding experienced this year, there are still some fence panels down so owners are asked to exercise caution when nearing pedestrian pathways and vehicle traffic areas. There will also be some debris remaining in the area that was difficult to get to with the clean-up project. All dog owners are reminded that they are required to accompany and retain complete control of their dog at all times as per Regina Animal Bylaw (2009-44). For more information please visit or call 777-7000.

I couldn’t actually find any more information on, but maybe there will be something later Here’s the link. But still, tThis is great news for all those poor puppies that are sad and lonely and stuck inside. Woof!