The NRA Has A Plan

One week after the bloodbath in Connecticut, the National Rifle Association has unveiled its plan to thwart future mass killings in schools.

And just what might that be?

Well, according the the NRA’s top lobbyist, since the “only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”, the organization is advocating that armed police officers be posted in every school in the United States.¬†You can read more about it in this Globe & Mail report.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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12 thoughts on “The NRA Has A Plan”

  1. The ‘good guys with guns’ must always be on coffee breaks when shootings take place. They claim to be out there, but never seem to materialize when required most.

  2. Once in a rare while the good guys make a mistake or have a breakdown and shoot someone they shouldn’t. More guns = less safe.

  3. Exactly. And having armed security bust a cap in schools doesn’t reek of sound judgement. Hey, there was a shooting in a theater! The answer – armed security! Hey, there was a shooting in the street! The answer – armed security! Hey, there was a shooting in a home! The answer – you guessed it. Maybe George Orwell was on to something.

  4. Two Points.
    1. Columbine School had an armed guard.
    2. Who is going to pay for all those extra police? Maybe a tax on guns and ammo? That wouldn’t go over too well with the NRA or with legitimate hunters/ranchers etc.

  5. I’d heard once that Canadian MPs love it when groups like the Canadian Taxpayer Federation advocate for extreme changes because it lets the Government make moderate changes while still responding to stakeholders on both sides of the issue. I think that’s what we’re seeing with the NRA’s proposal.

    I wonder if this isn’t just an attempt by the NRA to make sure the gun control pendulum doesn’t swing too far to the left. As other people here have pointed out, the cost and questionable effectiveness of having police officers in each school makes this a non-starter. It’s just a bargaining opener.

    If this were a negotiation, anti-gun advocates would call for strict regulations in all states and increases prohibition of certain guns and accessories, and then the NRA counters by asking for an armed cop in each school. Politicians will probably meet in the middle by renewing Clinton’s assault weapons ban.

    Gun violence would continue on its long term trend of slow decline and American gun companies would take a hit. Expect another ~10k homicides in 2013. I hope that’s just me being cynical.

  6. Let me get this straight.

    Fake guns killing fake people in video games should be regulated but real people with the potential of killing real people shouldn’t be regulated.

    Makes sense. If you are the president of the NRA.

  7. If it was a tactical move by the NRA, I don’t know how smart it was. They’re getting a lot of blowback for what they proposed today.

  8. Greg re #8: Methinks the NRA is speaking to its base, not to the public at large. How far Obama & Biden are able to go with gun control will illustrate how socially and politically powerful — or not — the NRA really is.

  9. As well, as Susan Delacourt tweeted, is it a coincidence that the NRA’s position on school shootings is the same as the plot of Kindergarten Cop?

  10. I heard an interview on CBC Radio’s Day Six this morning where Brent Bambury talked with a guy named Adam Winkler who’s written a book called Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America. Winkler noted in the interview that among the NRA’s general membership, polls have shown that over 60 per cent are supportive of measures like universal background checks for gun purchasers.

    Winkler said that it’s the NRA leadership that are the real stumbling block to any limitations on gun ownership. The NRA used to be an organization focussed more sport hunting, he added, but in the 1970s there was a putsch of sorts and the hardliners have been in control ever since.

  11. I listened to the same interview and thought it was well done. It’d be interesting to see a breakdown of funding to the NRA. I still think that political rhetoric calling for tough gun regulations must be a godsend for them in terms of donations.

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