The New Bus Schedules Are Here!

ReginaTransitWhen I was at Central Library last night I noticed that they’ve started to distribute the bus schedules for the new and improved transit system that emerged out of the transit review that the city conducted with the goal of making transit a more attractive option for Reginans.

As you can see by the above photo, the schedules take effect on July 21. More information on the revamp can be found here. It involves the creation of several express routes to the downtown, plus some new shuttle routes that run directly from one area of the city to another area without going downtown like #18 Harbour Landing/University, along with changes to existing routes.

So if you’re a regular transit user you’d best visit the above-linked site and get up to speed on what the changes mean for you and what new options will exist for using transit in Regina starting on July 21.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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10 thoughts on “The New Bus Schedules Are Here!”

  1. Some routes like #11 and #13 and # 7 and #9 are missing from the rack. I think what that means is that they are remaining intact and don’t require a new schedule. But everyone better double-check routes they ride to make sure.

  2. Greg: The “missing” routes #11 and #13 no longer exist. The north parts of current routes #11 and #13 have been merged into route #12, whose south portion goes to Varsity Park. The south parts of #11 and #13 are now part of route #8, I believe.

  3. I wanted to write something about the demise of the Number 11 but I’m still grieving. It was a great route.

  4. Brad’s right. I just picked up hard copies of the route time schedules and maps today, because the website ones are TOO DAMNED SMALL TO READ.
    #9 now includes Harbour Landing, which is also served by a lateral route from the university and SIAST.
    It’ll be interesting to see how the express buses work out, especially since they aren’t in service on weekends.

  5. Route Review Information Sessions

    Thursday, July 18 – 5:30 to 8 p.m.
    Cathedral Centre
    2900 13th Avenue

  6. Oh, I’ve seen the map for the “new” Route 11, now Route 7, and while less funky, it gets me closer to where I wanna go, so that’s cool, and it goes down 13th instead of up Lorne, so no loss there.

  7. Yes. But will this new route — this cheap substitute route — get me to the comic shop, Southland and Golden Mile, Lakeview Fine Foods, the Lawson and downtown?? Hunh? Will it? Will it drop me off and pick me up within steps of my front door?

    I doubt it very much.

    The 11 was the little known superhero of Regina’s transit system. And they killed it.

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