The Most Important Thing You’ll Watch All Day

Watch and learn.

(Tip of the lynch lid to David Robert Loblaw)

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

3 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing You’ll Watch All Day”

  1. Ooooh okay I watched it.

    Me bragging about not watching it earlier was definitely not a good move.

    This dude seems to be picking up on the Chomsky & Herman Propaganda Model, which, with its 5 filters, widdles down information via mass media into tiny bite-sized portions that are “fit to print” (or broadcast). The greatest part of the propaganda model, and the stuff Mr. Loblaw is talking about in his video is that they are unconscious, natural systems. This is good because no one can call you a conspiracy nut when you argue for it.

  2. Very intersting. I totally agree with most of what he says… on the first point though, it really is related to the 2nd point. To run ads like Nike does for a zoning amendment would cost a fortune (in tax payer dollars)and a lot of the mumbo jumbo in there is legislated. Does suck though as it doesn’t accomplish what is desired which is public participation in the development of the community.

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