You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Earlier this month a blogger at did a tongue-in-cheek parody of all the breathless Canadian media coverage of the Thrashers-To-The Peg sports story by imagining if the North American Soccer League’s Atlanta Silverbacks relocated to Winnipeg.

About ten minutes after someone on the website tweeted the ‘story,’ the website’s grand poo-bah got a phone call from an Atlanta newspaper reporter..

“Did you click the link?”


“It was satire piece. You know Atlanta moving to Winnipeg for NHL. Haha. Get it?”

“Oh. Well sorry to bother you.”

“No worries. Sorry about your hockey team.”

“Pff. No one cared.”

Dunno which is sadder – that an American sports journalism doesn’t recognize satire when he sees it or the journalist is expressing the popular opinion in what the NHL once regarded as a critical market.