Neko CaseNeko Case is fantastic. She’s smart, funny, a world-class singer and songwriter and beautiful too (obvs!) You must get to the Folk Festival tonight to see her! You must! Tickets are still available at the box office for a piddly $60! Holy mackerel, what a bargain!!!!!!!

And in case you don’t believe me about Neko Case being THE. BEST. EVER., I offer the following proofs:

1.) Neko Case has one of the great voices in all musicland. She KILLED it at this afternoon’s Songs Of Heartbreak workshop. Killed it DEAD.

2.) Neko Case can slay it anywhere anywhere! On a stage! In a barn! In the dressing room of a small clothing store:

3.) Last year around this time Neko Case ate all the cupcakes, shit your pants and had an eagle laugh attack!

4.) Neko Case’s song “This Tornado Loves You” is one of the best songs ever written. BEHOLD:

5.) Neko Case does the greatest Iron Maiden cover ever.

Here’s the piece Emmet wrote about Neko Case in the latest Prairie Dog. The night’s entire line-up is strong, too: I’m super excited for Charles Bradley and pumped for Rosanne Cash. See you there!