The Mavericks

Fronted by Raul Malo, this alt-country band was founded in Miami in 1989. They broke up in 2004, but then regrouped in 2012. They even released a new album called In Time in February 2013.

Tonight the Mavericks are in town to play a show at Casino Regina (8 p.m.) with back-up act Whitney Rose. To give you a sense of what they’re like now here’s video from 2013 of the band on PBS playing their song “Come Unto Me” off In Time. And since a quick check of the casino website today reveals that the Mavericks show is sold out, I’ll give you another live music option after the jump in the form of a video for a band called Sleepy Sun out of California who are playing a gig at O’Hanlon’s Pub tonight:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. How in hell did I miss the fact that THE MAVERICKS are playing in Regina?!?!?! And, now, dammit, tickets are sold out. Just great! Life is sooooo unfair. (What a crying shame!)

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