dvp flood
As you’ve been reading, hearing, and seeing here, here, and here, Toronto is under water! It’s pretty sobering. This is the second time in roughly as many months that the lower half of the Don Valley Parkway has flooded, which, if you’re at all familiar with Toronto’s roadways, you’ll know that this is a serious problem for getting people in and out of the city. They’re definitely going to have to come up with some way of dealing with this in the future, because something tells me this is only the beginning of weird weather semi-regularly paralyzing the city. At one point, as many as 300,000 households were left without power. And it’s still a mess this morning. Anyway, you’re probably reading this in Regina, and probably aren’t that invested in Toronto, and maybe you’re even feeling a little smug (as a Torontonian transplant to the Queen City, I’ve heard more than my share of Toronto-bashing) so what can we show you that’ll have some other kind of appeal? Hows-about a little snake on a train? This poor little fella must have been very confused after trying to traverse the Don River, only to find himself on a stalled Go-Train en route to Richmond Hill. Prairie Dog might not be so quick with the breaking news, but if there’s a video of a snake trapped on a flooded train, you can bet your rubber boots we’ll bring said video to you.