The Least Heartwarming Story The LP Will Run This Christmas Season

The story of how a man killed his girlfriend’s dog. From the Leader-Post story:

“The accused says that he hung the dog because it was aggressive. He had not agreed to his girlfriend bringing the dog home in the first place, and referred to his actions as a display of ‘tough love,’ ” Judge Violent Meekma noted in a recent written decision.

Holy shit. That’s something a spurned lover would do in a Stephen King novel.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

5 thoughts on “The Least Heartwarming Story The LP Will Run This Christmas Season”

  1. I don’t know my DC or Marvel very well, but I’m sure there’s a place for a villain named Violent Meekma in one of their universes.

  2. This guy is a serial killer in the making. Really. Deep rooted pathological problems. Are no red flags going up?

  3. An Ex gf and I shared a pup-3yr old until we bacame.. ex’s.

    She found a noob, and she told me that my ex dog, ( a she ), growled in discontent at him, but never bit him. Because he, wasn’t me? Because that dogs can recognize Bullshit Humans in general?

    May this Scum ,be no longer considered human, and spend the rest of his days in jail! There is no rehab, except a labotamy.

  4. Wow, I could see that happening in New York or Toronto, but not in good ole fashioned innocent Saskatchewan! (tongue in cheek)

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