CBC reports the Leader-Post is selling the Park St. building its been in since the 1960s. This is the second big downsize for the L-P this year: in January, the paper closed its Regina print shop, sending the job to Postmedia’s StarPhoenix presses (a move that may have contributed to a print edition of the paper being completely missed).

And let’s not forget Postmedia’s massive winter layoff jamboree, where the company eliminated 90 jobs nationally (including at least 60 in Alberta).

We all want to strangle reporters, columnists and editors sometimes (believe it or not, there are times people even want to throttle lovable me!). Nevertheless, one big reason Canada can (sort of) function as a democracy is its strong traditions of a free press. We need hard-working reporters holding politicians and the powerful to account. When the places that employ these reporters are dumping their assets, it’s time to worry.

And yes, I realize the Leader-Post’s slow death spiral is partly self-inflicted by its corporate overlords — 20-plus years of maximizing profits at the cost of shrinking newsrooms and offensively stupid head-office editorials have surely contributed to many people wondering if they’d miss the L-P. The fact remains  that Regina’s only daily paper is in this much trouble does not bode well for our community.

Only crooks, idiots and corrupt fiends hiding evil secrets want newspapers to go away. I hope the L-P finds a way to hold on.