The Last Blanking Top Six You’re Going To See From Rosie This Year

1 YEAH, THEY’RE REALLY WORRIED ABOUT VOTER FRAUD? As right-wing governments use the fear of voter fraud as a Trojan Horse to bring in legislation to disenfranchise millions of potential voters, (The Guardian) let’s take a look at where voter fraud is really happening – in the Republican presidential primary campaign in Virginia. (Raw Story) Guess Republicans are afraid somebody will use on them the tricks they use on voters they disagree with.

2 LEAVE THEM LAUGHING WHEN YOU GO What would it be like to have a giant photo of yourself transported on the roof of a 35-year-old Lincoln Continental as millions of North Koreans wail in grief? Well, thanks to this guy’s inventive use of Photoshop, now you can! (Gawker)

3 THERE’S AN OLD GOON SHOW SKETCH IN THIS, SOMEWHERE BBC’s One of the BBC’s women of the year for 2011 – a panda in a Scottish zoo? (Jezebel)

4 AND THE YORK REGIONAL POLICE WILL INVESTIGATE EVERY TIM HORTONS TO FIND THE REAL KILLERS – ER, VANDALS An inter-racial couple in the Toronto-area bedroom community of Newmarket are run out of town by racists. (CBC Toronto)

5 MEANWHILE RON MCLEAN MACLEAN AND DON CHERRY AGREE SID THE KID IS A WIMP Twonies to Timbits, Sidney Crosby will never be the player he once was. (AP via Yahoo) At least he’s not on the list of hockey players that died in 2011. ESPN would have forgotten him, too. (Broad Street Hockey)

6 HARPER NOT GIVETH BUT HE TAKETH AWAY With less to show for government spending, and with it being much harder than ever to collect Employment Insurance, it’s reverse logic to accept the fact that the federal government will increase payroll deductions come New Year’s Day (CP via Global News).

MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Because I damn well can, here’s Metric, taped in 2010 on the British television show Later with Jools Holland.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

19 thoughts on “The Last Blanking Top Six You’re Going To See From Rosie This Year”

  1. Psst. Stephen?
    It’a Ron MacLean, not McLean.
    Maybe you can change that, before anybody notices.
    (If you’re gonna talk tough, you have to get the names right.)

  2. Stephen, (many) years ago, in Canada’s national newspaper, no less, there was a film review that was very impress, except for one thing. The writer referred to the director as “Adam” Egoyan. Ouch! It made the bulletin board of every journalism school in the country.

  3. That reminds me, I heard a very distressing report on a certain radio station last night. Anchor started with, “It was a disappointing year for film in 2011…” which I thought meant not a lot of high-quality movies came out, then anchor continued, “but three movies in particular really did shine…” I prepared myself to hear some fine praise for The Descendents, but then, gut-wrenchingly, no, the three favourites turned out to be 1. Harry Potter, 2. Transformers, 3. Twilight.

    So, while I feel we were making some progress there as a society in recognizing that box office has no correlation to quality, obviously, we’ve been turned back as the piped in Hollywood news report ostensibly equated dollars with memorable cinema.

    The critical thinking tendencies of our youth in 2011 are indeed a kilometre wide and a centimetre deep, and this extends to older peeps as well.

  4. Mass-marketed crapola. I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately, most of whom have professional jobs, who all agree the future is most-definitely in trouble. Culture, politics, business…all in the shitter.

  5. Don’t you all agree that we live in a world where the vast majority of people refuse to form attachments to things because those things, institutions, etc. can and likely will be gone tomorrow? Then of course, you’ll have to deal with your feelings, and it may necessitate some sort of activism to express to the authorities how upset you are, but then of course you’ll immediately be talked down as a radical fringe element type of person and against development and capitalism, and who wants that, “go live in your tent in the park with the crazies,” so you just let it go.

    You could wake up tomorrow and the CBC will be gone. Mmm, ppl will be upset, but they’ll get over it, “we’re Canadians, we don’t cuz much of a fuss, we love ourselves for it,” and whatever else is there will just replace it.

  6. @ 14,

    Ehh, I’m mostly just driving, seeing where I end up. Seriously though, take away any institution, save for a hospital or police station, and see if anybody, anymore, cares.

  7. Well, you’ve been a great audience, folks, but it’s time to move on, to other people, other things.
    Thank you very much, and farewell.

  8. #13 Who really gives a Fuck who wrote it.

    I read #13, before reading any further comments, and I thought you might just be quoting from a not known to me indy writer from an Ad-Busters column.

    I agree with what you typed.

    I know a few people that did Occupy Regina,( court again in Jan ),and exactly what was in your paragraph, has happend.

  9. @ 18,

    Hey thanks. That’s all me. I *should* be writing for Adbusters if not The Nation.

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