1 YEAH, THEY’RE REALLY WORRIED ABOUT VOTER FRAUD? As right-wing governments use the fear of voter fraud as a Trojan Horse to bring in legislation to disenfranchise millions of potential voters, (The Guardian) let’s take a look at where voter fraud is really happening – in the Republican presidential primary campaign in Virginia. (Raw Story) Guess Republicans are afraid somebody will use on them the tricks they use on voters they disagree with.

2 LEAVE THEM LAUGHING WHEN YOU GO What would it be like to have a giant photo of yourself transported on the roof of a 35-year-old Lincoln Continental as millions of North Koreans wail in grief? Well, thanks to this guy’s inventive use of Photoshop, now you can! (Gawker)

3 THERE’S AN OLD GOON SHOW SKETCH IN THIS, SOMEWHERE BBC’s One of the BBC’s women of the year for 2011 – a panda in a Scottish zoo? (Jezebel)

4 AND THE YORK REGIONAL POLICE WILL INVESTIGATE EVERY TIM HORTONS TO FIND THE REAL KILLERS – ER, VANDALS An inter-racial couple in the Toronto-area bedroom community of Newmarket are run out of town by racists. (CBC Toronto)

5 MEANWHILE RON MCLEAN MACLEAN AND DON CHERRY AGREE SID THE KID IS A WIMP Twonies to Timbits, Sidney Crosby will never be the player he once was. (AP via Yahoo) At least he’s not on the list of hockey players that died in 2011. ESPN would have forgotten him, too. (Broad Street Hockey)

6 HARPER NOT GIVETH BUT HE TAKETH AWAY With less to show for government spending, and with it being much harder than ever to collect Employment Insurance, it’s reverse logic to accept the fact that the federal government will increase payroll deductions come New Year’s Day (CP via Global News).

MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Because I damn well can, here’s Metric, taped in 2010 on the British television show Later with Jools Holland.